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    S> Mage items

    Oh my gawd raz still playing apexko Buy dual leonar +11 reverse for my warrior thank you.
  2. Dual leonar ile damage nasıl warrior da, vuruyor mu
  3. DogamonS

    PurpleFuzzyUnicorns 2 Vs 2 ResurrectionOfDivine

    Whenever there is drama, I am almost sure that I can find Chris in that general direction. You are my hero buddy P.s: how's my torment? better than karim?
  4. DogamonS

    Anything going to be done for priest?

    I haven't been playing this game for a while now so I have no idea who you are, so I gotta ask. How's your gear? If you are +11/+3 full or close than the damage is phenomenal and he is crying for nothing... If you are only starter geared though then I would like to see the damage he dishes out to geared opponents.
  5. DogamonS

    Anything going to be done for priest?

    UTC is announced. With Rhaue or whatever the name is for that weapon, you finally might be able to dish out sufficient damage to kill people I think the problem with the int priest is that when you use two leonards here the damage is mitigated. But on usko I've seen a video of a warrior who uses two leonards +9 and hits like a tank. So I think its because of the weird damage calculation bug this server have. Also with really really good gear you damage should be somewhere around 1100-1200 with one hammer maybe, 1300-1400 with dual hammer. How much damage you dish out with malice to warriors? Sadly another problem with your request is that, apexko players doesnt know how to pk without 6 warriors 2 priests. Most of them just wants warriors to be op so they can gear that up and get into a macro dick battle Int priest should be like a paladin imo. It can be a semi support, damage dealer class in parties as the 3rd priest. Various kinds of play style options are open if that class was used correctly, buuuuut ko is not a dynamic game
  6. DogamonS

    Anything going to be done for priest?

    You won't be able to pk with int priest solo with this gear cap. People are waaaay tanky for that to happen here. It's not about the int priest, its about the gear cap imo.
  7. DogamonS

    TukeOwnz Selling / Buying

    Tuke I'll buy that raptor for 2k kc.
  8. I hear, for next time they'll recruit me for my torments. Watch out, nigga.
  9. Man Ibo should've been on the priest
  10. Apexko sullied its reputation anyway. Its not about that they dont want to reset but its due to some bad decision making from the past. This has caused a vacuum in the player base. And now nobody would want to start seeing all those +11 reverse items floating around. Doesnt matter if you can farm bloodseekers to get money, people just wont do that because as soon as you try some punk sin with +11 reverse jamadar or a warrior with a big ass sword will chase you up and down bowl. Its too much of a nuisance.
  11. DogamonS

    Give Kurians a free class change scrol

    Come on Dylan, you are one of the biggest Kurian hater I've seen man. Also where is @blackaq, get in here and defend your class.
  12. DogamonS


    Hey a question, did you really slap your whatsapp information on your signature for people to take a shot at you for being Israeli? Just out of curiosity.
  13. Don't go with an archer. If you've never played an archer before they'll just eat you alive and you'll rage quit the server. To be able to play an archer on a server like this, you need some experience with the class. By a server like this, I mean level 83 cap and players with a lot of items. People often slides to archers and you need to be able to deal with them which requires an incredible amount of practice. One last thing about this, archer combo here is not fluent, it often bugs itself with w combo with minor. Go with a warrior. Passion is fairly easy to learn and to be able to vs with it you just need a couple of tricks. Just watch some 2v2 and 8v8 pk videos of good warrior players. There are some videos posted on this forums. Good luck man
  14. DogamonS

    dark knight weapons

    That could level the playing field but since this is a warrior/kurian server I don't have much hope Oh and some occasional sins here and there.
  15. DogamonS

    dark knight weapons

    Why do people complain about archers is beyond me. They are worthless lmao. You can't vs with people because they'll slide you, the damage is too low for hot pursuit. Yet people always complain about them. Oh, my god, they stunned me, oh my god they iced me. It's like a flea bite, get over it. Hey brook didn't know you were still playing
  16. DogamonS

    MyNameIs Recruiting - Human (We're back!)

    Neither I am man. Playing ko competitive time has long passed for me. I am looking for a bit of light fun only now:D Which nation you guys are @?
  17. DogamonS

    MyNameIs Recruiting - Human (We're back!)

    I started interning at a law firm so I can only come and hang around during weekends. I'll pm you this weekend <3.
  18. DogamonS

    MyNameIs Recruiting - Human (We're back!)

    Sup bros you playing? I was in the mountains of Catalonia man. Running with cows and shit. Was fun.
  19. DogamonS

    MyNameIs Recruiting - Human (We're back!)

    Hello, My name is Dogamon, whats yours?
  20. DogamonS

    Miguan PK Moive

    I was going to point out the same thing but it seems they have a dispute to settle. I find it amusing when people try to dominate one another through an online game against a person who they never met and probably never will. Tells you what kind of people they are except if they are trolling then its kind of fun. But trying power plays thats pathetic lol
  21. DogamonS


    Do you still roll dowg?
  22. DogamonS

    S> ticket to El Morad (NT)

    I am so sad now let me bring my non existing char to nt xD.
  23. DogamonS

    S> ticket to El Morad (NT)

    200m for clan omg? How bout a hundred?
  24. DogamonS

    S> ticket to El Morad (NT)

    Hello, Razor invite please. I have mad archer skillz. Plis. Thank you sir please. :)))