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  1. Patrick

    Ultma Event About

    I cannot understand you. Please find a better translator (e.g. translate.google.com). Or build a life you love living by prioritizing your personal growth. You can kill it easily with 2-3 parties anyway. Just try it as i did.
  2. Patrick

    Ultma Event About

    Crying babies are so hard to ignore. LMAO. Why don't you make a party and kill that Ultima? Pretty sure opposite nation will try to stop you and "Welcome to PK!". If anyone need PK in ApexKO, THEN try to kill Ultima who lived! It solves most problems in ApexKO, doesn't it? If there are not enough count of players, then you already do not deserve those rewards. I liked this much more! Thanks to ApexKO Team.
  3. Patrick

    JewishAngel Special

    A typical jewishangel is that lol Don't expect more than this from jewishangel.
  4. Patrick

    About poison kurian/porutu

    Hey, what the hell are these kurians doing in cz? Even a full geared warrior can't kill farmers in bowl w/o party/sin, but these kurians kill anyone(especially farmers) easy. You make full geared sin/warrior/mage since very long time and then a poison kurian rape you in a sec. Is it just me or is everyone getting used to it? The poison kurian've been created for killing only farmers by ko designer or what? The admins're gonna do something about it or i'll sell my works in the apexko and i'll join the train that farmer killers. @twostars best regards.
  5. Patrick

    Something new

    +1 Dark Knight Expansion or UTC Expansion
  6. Patrick

    Miguan PK Moive

    I do not have these much knight cash. i'll be happy because you're gonna understand what i meant before. And by the way if you were skilled enough to understand what I wrote before, we would be talking about different things. Let's talk with you after this duel!
  7. Patrick

    Miguan PK Moive

    Let me ask you a question, if he has full hp in your vs, does he still need to click on mouse button? it's only a few secs w/o attacking. Say goodbye to your kcs haha i'll be really happy when you lost it! Let's see what will you do in this duel!
  8. Patrick

    Miguan PK Moive

    if you're crying so much about macro, you must vs w/o minor skill with them. And @Whistle already wants vs with you in your terms.He'll take record with the phone's cam i guess! What'll you do now?
  9. Patrick

    Miguan PK Moive

    Ofc, send your items to me and let's try it.Np for me. You already don't need your items.
  10. Patrick

    Miguan PK Moive

    if a noob kick that your shinny ass legally, then you musst be extremely noob. ~_~ Please send your items to me i can see that you don't need them because you are skilled player you said above.. Thank you.
  11. Patrick

    Miguan PK Moive

    0/10 brain 0/10 skill 100/100 NPT confirmed if you think it's a cheat, report it or just silence. ^_o
  12. Patrick

    Miguan PK Moive

    I tried to tell you very friendly but never mind it. How they kicked your ass with starter gear? hahahaha macro kid? who gives a fuck? if you think it's a cheat, report them? if it's not a cheat for this game, why do you still cry here? Everything is legal that admins allowed. if you do not accept this rule, you can play any single player game like candy crush or super mario. have fun!
  13. Patrick

    Miguan PK Moive

    Maybe he uses his toes or his little brother? You can't see that important point. Do you have any proof about his macro? Tell me which program he uses? or hardware? What settings he is using on macro? You can change your mouse in a sec and you can set your macro in 5 sec again just for a vs. if you are really sure to lose your $ or kc, i can even change skill bar on video after our vs.This is pretty easy these days. if you want to prove something to us, share party vs or pk in bowl. None cry here except you.Macro users kick your ass full hp and they're happy to use it. You're only crying about macro in this topic.None care your opinion about macro.In normal case i don't even watch your 1vs1 video.
  14. Patrick

    Miguan PK Moive

    Do you have any proof that he is using macro? Maybe he uses his fingers on keyboard? (Everyone know that he uses). There is no proof that you are not using right-click macro as well. Macro is not just 6-7-8 as you mentioned above. You can set any key to use fast on macro. It can be right click too! SO 1VS1 NEVER SHOW THAT YOU ARE SKILLED OR NOT.
  15. Patrick

    Miguan PK Moive

    I am pretty sure you cannot even read what i typed above.Anyway, everyone see who are crying here and who are trying to make hisself happy with killing starter gear characters by full gear. Even marvellous is using glitching macro on your video and you are still talking about how you are skilled.And happy to kill starter geared characters. You are only piece of shit.And i am pretty sure you are NPT in cz so you are crying here about macro. Yes, please press okay button and get the fuck out from here. +1 close this topic. I'm sick of telling this kid something that he never understood.