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  1. this guy that comes from the old ko that every time he scams players he changes his nickname and continues to do his thing but this time with the nickname GODOFREDOOO, when there is a boss event he recruits you and assures that the drop will be shared but that never happens, instead and as icing on the cake if you ask him for explanations he creates a crazy story to fit into his narrative in such a way that makes you look like you are the guilty party of something. people like this really make me have an unpleasant experience as a user. beware of this guy who speaks portuguese..
  2. hello, my oreads is blocked because i turned on the pc without realizing i had my vpn open, an ad tells me to seek help from support to get this restriction removed.
  3. chino

    Warr Combo

    buy legal macro ask top warriors servers how to get one evyallah
  4. da fuq u guys rant about if you melee abuse macro all the time (even in the chaos event) anyways now you people upset cus it aint work against team work skilled mage clan. mage skill is fine IMO.
  5. ive caught a player named xXSALVADORXx luring gargoyles into my afk genie party. took ss as a proof.
  6. random mobs have to drop dd helmets defense. also talia skin should be alowed. i mean many old players get used to play servers -70 cap why no let them join the party with the items they get used to play?
  7. for the insane dmg that melee inflicts on mages i think it would be gg that talia skin get allowed again even it would be good for strg bp its impossible stand a assasin or warrior in vs. what do you think guys ?
  8. hey i ´ve been at moradon set up my merchant (buy mode) and i´ve got dc´d not only one but many times. is this normal ? this start happening after shout the item i wanted to buy, someone besides me had the same issue?
  9. nay nay mate better way to earn profit its genie mage farm at delos as many greedy people does you could earn per mage 2- 3 gbs daily best floors to farm at delos are solid bins and cave leech.
  10. i have a question , the server is down or something ????
  11. chino

    Droplist O.o ?

    i´d like to know if theres any mob who drops g1 bp priest+5 in the server if its not it would be a good issue to fix in a new patch tho
  12. hi i am wondering if there is a posibility to create an priest armor who doesnt requiere intel points to wear it cuz as a strg bp the intel points who requiere rosseta,trials,krowaz decrease my strg points by intel points and my ap is not so good besides mages are so op atm that i cant pk by myself.
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