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  1. nadaa

    List of bugs 2017

    55. have you ever played usko? that's how it is in official.
  2. nadaa

    List of bugs 2017

    with higher HP mobs it's a bit more complicated since it's getting harder to outdamage the other guy within a few hits ( if f.e Harunga has 10.000 HP and x deals 9.999 damage to it and the harunga only has 1HP left, y has to make sure that he deals more than 9.999 damage with 1 skill to get the drop), but im 100% sure what i wrote above is the case
  3. nadaa

    Gaba adamant bug (fix before close)

    works as intended
  4. nadaa

    List of bugs 2017

    Pretty sure the looting system in apex works this way, for example mob xy has 10 hp, each r damage of yours deals 1 damage, let's say you've dealt 9 r damages (90% of mobs hp) means the mob has only 1 hp(10%) left. If another guy comes and spikes it for 10000 damage now, while the mob has 1hp left(10% of it's hp) the sin who spiked it will get the drop