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  1. Neverrace

    getting dmg while cubed

    shit this resemer dude is already abusing this hard ha
  2. Neverrace

    getting dmg while cubed

    hey is this normal now? im gettin dmg from an ice mage while in cubed
  3. Neverrace

    Anything going to be done for priest?

    Ronnen is wrong but i support cuz he's clan leader, bb
  4. Neverrace

    Second ultima spawn.

    Nerf BulletClub
  5. Neverrace

    KINGS Short Pk Video

  6. Neverrace

    Second ultima spawn.

    do not nerf.
  7. Neverrace


    Hello, i am buying the next for KC Chaos Wirinom +8 Warrior Krowaz Pads, Gauntlets and Boots +8 pm me, or reply here, thank you.