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    Server improvments

    FROM PLAYERS FOR PLAYERS Hello I am GetRekt and i wanted to help this server improve as i have put a lot of effort to play here and gather a couple of friends on this server. What i wanted to say is... Every of server staff are trying their best to listen to players moaning and cries everyday but we cant notice any improvements in server. The easiest way to improve server is doing the smallest things to make your players happy. For example people were really looking forward for Ardream because that would make us use chitins and lower grade garment. Everyone are going only for shards/raptors/hellbreakers/eagles eyes/shells and blablabla that's what we can only see on merchants *sometimes apex vouchers* Market is already being destroyed by people holding 200 gbs and more. By cutting fishing/mining u did well but u did not think about it well as a team. I think that you need to use more surveys and general type of topics with server players. Newcomer event is a pear in the ocean but still it doesn't help people find exp/farm parties as they need...that's not how you're gonna improve your online number. Ardream has nothing in it, totally...there's no players, there's no bosses, there's nothing we can do in there...It was just opened like that to make more space for people that are sitting in moradon setting merch, doing fishing, sometimes pk and events. First of all you should aim exping and farming parties to let them gain more then people that are sitting in bowl Did you know that selling 3 tails of shaulas u can get something over 15gbs ? easy obtainable when you're geared - BUT NOT WHEN YOU ARE NOT GEARED - and that will make newcomers thinks that they has no chances compared to people who already got +7/+8 items. Making colony zone makes server dying step by step - Id recommend any of the administrators visit eslant or lufferson castle exping spots. Remember that there are people who prefer PK and do not prefer it while exping. Both styles should be similar but exping while being able to die should be more rewarding. GMs are not trying to communicate with players, having fun with them in-game as they should be more sociable then any of player, making small events which gives almost nothing but fun playing with others. There's nothing you can do as solo player and its really hard to do something as duo party but fishing. People are fishing only because there's no spots for them to be attracted by. Skill items are really hard to get, its making people offer about 600milions to get lupus pendant which makes people avoid PVP/PK even more. My suggestion is to focus more on helping players get to the top and making them more fun-zones like exping farming, so they can join PK, higher grade events and so they can join our insanely great community in late-game plays raiding such a great bosses as Felankor as a server! My idea is: create custom collectables which can be dropped from different farm zones that would be working like chests/gems/frags (low/mid/high grade), that would push fishing/mining away to the worst farming style which can be used as a side farming when ure tired after work or bored after hours of killing monsters or pk. 100 blue crystals - 1 exchange for high grade armors with low probabilty of unique or other useful item 10 red crystals - 1 exchange for high grade weapons with medium probabilty of aids in the bag which kills your character mwahaha. (just a joke) make more events like "WE ARE ADDING BOSSES IN ARDREAM PREPARE YOURSELVES in 5-10 days" Random worm is travelling through moradon with ultra drop (any probability to drop bus , chests gems uniques) which would be really hard to kill for example with bare fists 1 dmg per hit. Thats just a random ideas of events that could be easily done to improve your server Make Eslant and Lufferson castle/Elmorad castle monsters drop more useful items and for example you can add a global chance for dropping items that drops from fishing so people would prefer to kill monsters instead of sitting in a place and struggling their nuts - making 1000 accs just to fish. Adding APEXKO Custom npcs in moradon just for event (bandicoot named Aesteris is raping npcs in moradon - PEOPLE PLEASE HELP , STAPH THAT MONSTER) Make Events that even lvl 1 character will be able to join! For now its everything from me cause I am going for a party soon but i would be gladly to hear opinions from others and for sure seeing some of the server staff joining the discussion (CAUSE U WERE PLAYERS AS WELL) BEST REGARDS, GETREKT.
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    nice person (OP human)

    making big things from nothing...
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    dragon boxes summon staffs

    any of usko pus items like this comming to this server?
  4. hehehehe u made my day botanic
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    Events ???

    +1 I'm living at Scotland and it makes me miss to join these events because of the time zone.
  6. Not really, we are defending our clan's virginity as its innocent and valuable for us. It symbolizes our friendship and recalls what we have done together.
  7. Yes that's what he meant, We are trying to play on each server for as long as possible until the server is almost totally dead. Helping everyone out and playing together as much as possible Newcomers are as welcome as longer playing users We never let someone fall behind Sharing tips and tricks how to improve even better and faster in smaller amount of time We are already bunch of people who are treating others as friends 60% of clan is coming from other servers that We were playing already together before There's no hate or anger towards other players from other clans or race(yes humans, Im thinking about you newbies:D) We really appreciate anyone willing to join our ranks. Trash-talking is banned on this topic so if you're smarter than 70 IQ which is really low amount of score of IQ do not just write "LOL" laughing at others and showing how egoistic and sad your life is. Thank you for your attention, GET REKT. *My english may not be fluent only because it is not my native language. So picking on my grammar gives no points for gryffindor Enter at your own risk
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