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  1. Mr DooM

    About new server

    Assuming I was playing SIN How nice of you.
  2. Mr DooM

    About new server

    I kinda want new server This PK format is kinda trash imho, farm was way better
  3. Mr DooM


    Bifrost has no value in this server anymore. You rarely craft so nightmare crystals have become useless.
  4. Mr DooM

    S> Rons set +11rev

    bump for trusted cunt how you been u sexy beast?
  5. Mr DooM

    Soapy Soapy

    you dont need klanlar kanka you are 1 man army
  6. Mr DooM

    BloodLine Recruiting!

    Nej I got mic like sebbe (insert moves like jagger music)
  7. Mr DooM

    BloodLine Recruiting!

    BItch ples Fountain hook got nerfed
  8. Mr DooM

    BloodLine Recruiting!

    no combo = best combo
  9. Mr DooM

    BloodLine Recruiting!

    Did you know that M->Black?
  10. Mr DooM


    Increasing drop rate is bad. Frags drop 100% already. Takes 3 mages to farm 600+ frags on wraths in 1h or so
  11. Mr DooM

    remove obl

    Why u guys heff to be bad
  12. Mr DooM

    BloodLine Recruiting!

    i am best priestlar i will only heal walls/trees since i shot them so much last time around.
  13. Mr DooM

    Harlem Shake ApexKO :D

    2013 called, they want harlem shake back
  14. Mr DooM

    Aziz - VS Video

    gay as always. B> GM PEDAL Nice solo action by nazizi
  15. Mr DooM

    Coming back

    gave up on archer ?