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  1. i like the npc idea aswell true that, even 2 certificates for 1 BUS seems fine, that's like only max 2 or 3 busses a day, except war days... if you can go to all events
  2. i think you can get it back at moradon if you pay cash for it, at the lvl 10 redistribution guy
  3. yea, like even a throwing knife should cancel this, but it's barely getting canceled, but indeed, reported already
  4. nah, you just don't turn in quest from MSS quest, if you don't turn it in, you can do quest as much as you want, drop rate is really low aswell
  5. Jona

    CHD +6

    ohhh okey, thought all uniques 😛 my bad
  6. Jona

    CHD +6

    +++++ 😛
  7. we asked the entire FT to not attack the VR as archers, even at the end when they were doing it we were asking to stop doing it.... they kept attacking like that some even with trough shot lol... a temporary ban from events would be nice I think, like 3 days without the possibility to join any events if that's possible or something like that
  8. but you're waiting for skills to pop up, you miss out on dmg 😛 hahaha, np i'll teach you
  9. Jona

    CHD +6

    rip 😢
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