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  1. Jona

    VS Event

    this is already getting fun hahaha
  2. and what does minor animation mean you think?? yes indeed it means the blue bubbles under your feet, we never said minor was bugged.... else his mp bar wouldn't move at all..... we said the animation was bugged
  3. lol I don't get you guys.... the reason about all of tis is to improve the server trying to get rid of the minor buggs is important in the end aswell... and i'm pretty sure Aesteris and twoey think like this aswell so let's just all stop fucking complaining about irrelevant things okey thank you.... so delete all useless posts so we get back to where we should be pls
  4. lmfao, sky is right people.... i've seen it from day one, never realy mentioned anyway cause i'm bussy atm.... but the minor animation realy isn't as it should be... you should be able to see the minor way more easily, just a minor visual bugg
  5. Jona

    Attempt to Kill a Kurian!

    well if black can hit a 83/1 warrior 8k then there must be something wrong lmfao he's not even that great geared
  6. Jona

    Attempt to Kill a Kurian!

    cause i guess they didn't realise lol on first apex launch kurians had all the same skills, the stun, divide armor , aoe stun etc etc but they just didn't hit that hard
  7. is it possible they cancel you when you get stunned? or not?
  8. lol it's talking about isi, felenkor, those aren't realy random bosses xD these are the hardest + a ROM or WE can drop aswell which isn't realy one of the best drops, we're not saying it needs to drop IN/IB every single time lol
  9. Jona

    Why is Isiloon not in CZ bowl?

    looks epic and good to me something that could be extremely fun
  10. Jona

    Fix name of Exceptional weapons

    yup +1 on this would help a lot
  11. Jona

    Golden Mattock/Rod

    lol nothing, i fished 3 days and i got full myhtril set +6.... i even made a second set +6 to try to +7.... it takes some time to fish and mine yea, but it' still a farm server, u can always just farm bus and sell em and buy mythril... but in 3 days a full set +6 isn't realy that hard if u ask me
  12. Jona

    Why is Isiloon not in CZ bowl?

    this would be epic indeed, isiloon fights in bowl
  13. Jona

    Gönüller ApexKO server farklı :D

    that's some gg advertisement
  14. Jona

    Passion Warrior Damage Too Low

    i have to tell you guys, DHC is right passion normally is better then attack build here it would be bad if you go passion, cause the attack difference is like minimum and u loose AC and u use more mana each skill.... and that only for 80 dmg, like this a lvl 80 warrior would beat a lvl 83 warrior (if he uses passion)
  15. why? i'm never mean, i'm like the kindest person ever