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  1. Dont forget to add that the patch also has 0 kurian items in NP npc ... Its the hind as class and players of it not cared about and forcing to loose KC and GBs once again.... Test on USKO and Steam lvl 61 kurian so much better than a lvl 83 geared one on apex Thumbs up to the changes here
  2. KissOfNeo

    Kurian Bug

    If you ask the Mods they didnt do nothing the 100 damage u do is normal . and its now stackable 3 times for few seconds so u can do 300 damage easy when vs a Undying it will die in like 45 seconds
  3. is there answers when rest items be added to store so EVERY CLASS can get items not just the select ones 4 different sets but 5 char types and different builds for others....
  4. If not adding to NP due to GM select chars to play only make it so if ppl want can at least upgrade items from 1 to what they want and be worth it skills be half decent to use .. So if someone wants to do paper FP Chitin As players should have to choice to do so not be limited to what GMs only like and think... NP rewards buying should have choice for all items wanted or needed not just the select few and if not there Be fair and make it at least farm able so ppl can get the items they want not half the community with some pads other not able to get them... Dont add ROF or new rings to np merchant and if NP make the items better than the free ones
  5. I like the idea of no trading but upgrade yes needed and every class needs to be in there so EVERYONE can use the np store not the select few as normal ( The whole server )
  6. Not all the classes and items matter only the ones he says are important the rest of us wanting things Dont matter... It was posted and said in other posts We dont matter just the ones they have decided on .. Love the point your making + marks there but until EVERYONE in game is counted only the top usd spenders or higher clans will count in thoughts or treated same . Portu always forgotten and fored to play 1 way not how its meant to and the items There should be farming for EVERY item in game not being forced to spend NPs or USD to get them
  7. How about items for all classes or just select ones again
  8. Nice to see NOT ALL chars get items Well done looking after half the community again ( Thumbs up to yas )
  9. have the others check the letters with the proof posted and all the time being told they are using a rock and r at same time to make it look like they are running faster... All old posts like this were deleted as the so called rock use not a hack and the reply as this server has no hacks from the gms admin ... Feel free to dig up the pms to gms and old posts from past if can recover them since deleted... But as the reports were of big names full geared ppl we are always told it will be looked into or its us not them .. There is once again nothing to look into its clear as day mage CHEATING sing using light feet and mage running faster just like every other time but take ya time let it get into game more 🙂
  10. Been reporting this for so long and always told its me lagging and glitching there is no hacks in this server ..... Good luck tho with the once again clear view of it mages out running sins same as the warriors and priests in the past
  11. maybe in same boat as the other things meant to be in game ,,,, Being fixed so give it a few months after ya items needed expire then it will work
  12. do u have worms they are a must so mine for worms then fish dont matter if free or golden
  13. KissOfNeo


    good reason to maybe add some updates and new things to game as having trouble Bring back the pk and players
  14. KissOfNeo


    See how there promises turn out so far 0 of all they made and first quarter coming to end in few weeks .. BF mobs be good make farm cz so pk and items to craft and upgrades get some start to a flow happening so its prob last thing on list if its even on list as ive said before why help the community the players in game and supported from the beginning are the ones that are cared about the least it seams Lets just hope BF mobs are here sooner than later so everyone has chance to make holy sets not just the select few like normal
  15. KissOfNeo


    Doing that is like asking them to stick to what was posted in the must read thread everything completed in the first quarter of 2019 stated in the post by admins and things added so not all at once ... Over a month since everything removed and 0 things added... The bf mobs was posted to be down for a fix and up soon that was over 12 months ago now and NEVER had a truthful answer from admin about it just it was down to fix and never replayed for since .. Half the community have items they want and other half cant even get items as the BF mobs needed for them... Im with you on this Help the community but on other hand why would the admin add something to farm make drops and allow ppl to upgrade and maybe help bring prices back down to earth instead leave everyone with nothing and only Half items that BF mobs are needed for Bring back BF or even Mobs in CZ that make drops Think of the community not ignore us again
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