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  1. Humburger


    so whether they increase echos damage or just lower items cap, no more kro+9/armors and so. so 2 archers parties running together with 5000% stun rate is hell fun for you . This is your fault by staying as 2 parties in 1 block rofl, this shows how bad you are ,kanka. And this probably comes from playing with inexperienced mages.
  2. Humburger


    Recently i've noticed that you are always crying about warriors, let me give you a quick shot: 1- I'm playing both Apex and USKO I have never heard of someone crying about echos there . 2- In 2017 mages were too op at that time and NTTGame decided to decrease damage of level 80 skill nova.But they never decrease echos damage,tell me why?. 3-From your last posts I prefer you to go a lvl 72 cap, this is 2019 sir people don't like just Z attack, we need some skills that can be shown with echo.
  3. Humburger


    - In my opinion the best thing to do right now is a relaunch and make the server hard/medium farm just to make the server more healthier,players don't like to see shiny items everywhere. -Put events to drag people to cz in specific times ( 24/7 pk is not fun is it?). not to mention that most of people can pk only 2-3hours a day. -alot of people like to chill and farm example: open bifrost land and let people farm there. - you have to open all expansion/features from the beginning ,people don't like losing value of their items because of that( just like what happend when you put rosseta armor +9rev/+2 uniques on npc) -The people who suggested Apex to be a fully pk server they are the ones who left. -Increase warriors digging skills because most of KO players are warriors and by them your server will not be dead. -Last but not least,ApexKO has gained the trust and by making a restart and planning for a new server that can last 5years is in your hand right now.
  4. you don't need to spend any $ as priest
  5. all i see is 20humans vs 23503025032 orcs
  6. Krowaz set+11 Chaos baal+11 Chaos wirinom+11 Rof+3 Sos+3
  7. the battle cry in human side is more slower than orcside so basicly can you fix this? or its gonna take 300years..
  8. Karus: Warrior: Cheeseburger Sin: Cheeseburger Priest: Cheeseburger Mage: Cheeseburger Kurain : Cheeseburger HumanSide: Warrior: Cheeseburger Sin: Cheeseburger Priest: Cheeseburger Mage: Cheeseburger Kurian: Cheeseburger 
  9. buying dual rofs3 chaosbaal/wiri11 kroset11 uniqeus+3
  10. Buying : Kro set+11 Chaosbaal/wiri+11 Rofs+3 Rest unqiues +3 sos opals etc
  11. Check this picture he is using spirit of logos and still lose (16-1) :qweqewqe
  12. d:ASdasdas yok bad item kanka where u've been? yok see u longtime , we just made like 4-5k nps from kraussmaffie Xd
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