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  1. you don't need to spend any $ as priest
  2. all i see is 20humans vs 23503025032 orcs
  3. Krowaz set+11 Chaos baal+11 Chaos wirinom+11 Rof+3 Sos+3
  4. the battle cry in human side is more slower than orcside so basicly can you fix this? or its gonna take 300years..
  5. Karus: Warrior: Cheeseburger Sin: Cheeseburger Priest: Cheeseburger Mage: Cheeseburger Kurain : Cheeseburger HumanSide: Warrior: Cheeseburger Sin: Cheeseburger Priest: Cheeseburger Mage: Cheeseburger Kurian: Cheeseburger 
  6. buying dual rofs3 chaosbaal/wiri11 kroset11 uniqeus+3
  7. Buying : Kro set+11 Chaosbaal/wiri+11 Rofs+3 Rest unqiues +3 sos opals etc
  8. Check this picture he is using spirit of logos and still lose (16-1) :qweqewqe
  9. d:ASdasdas yok bad item kanka where u've been? yok see u longtime , we just made like 4-5k nps from kraussmaffie Xd
  10. https://imgur.com/YP1Ul9x https://imgur.com/NaSIpvy https://imgur.com/hNq0fTh https://imgur.com/OEs4z6S https://imgur.com/SSvXacL https://imgur.com/Rd9QJl0 https://imgur.com/l9p5tGK https://imgur.com/Ou78oSM thnak you 16-1 easy. and what i'm running? u make ss when i low hp and say im running ?? did we even vsed their ? rofl,. also why u hide picture when u killed me ? nice only kill me when using logos Best warrior 2018 undymaffie. resimag.com/p1/78e6935bbe.jpeg ( this picture shows him using spirit of logos) so spirit of logos+holyset+csw emblem and lose 16-1? what a kind of .. you are?
  11. And what are u using +8 fps? u have like more 110defence more than me (holyset+cswemblem)???,,, + spirit of logos also i dont have juraid 100defence achivment like u ?? here some more vsses ( 16-1 now?) https://imgur.com/YP1Ul9x https://imgur.com/NaSIpvy https://imgur.com/hNq0fTh https://imgur.com/OEs4z6S u dont get shame of your self? 16-1? and still wanna come vs?.. I'm really tired some one close this topic , ty.
  12. He just beat me 1 timewhen he was using Spirit of logos or something Nice UndyMaffie.
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