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    "But it looks like I'm going to have to report Emre on facebook with my whole family, including the familly of my father's girlfriend, to have no more trouble with this boy. This boy has bothered me so much, even though I have been ignoring him for months."
    Why would you not just do that from the start?
    As insane as all of this is, I find it very hard to sympathise with you when you yourself do the exact same thing to others.
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    krowaz warrior helmet+11 rev 
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    BabySh0ckeR reacted to twostars in I NEED HELPER EMERGENCY   
    Why on earth would I steal your KC? Especially after the incident a couple of days ago where I had to go through and manually restore for people:

    Instead of getting upset and jumping straight to accusing us of stealing from you, try having some patience and letting us check it out for you.
    With that having said, I've restored your KC for you. 
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    BabySh0ckeR reacted to ImmortalOne in unban   
    i have been banned by gm sierra because i went out of base without items (few times).
    he said that im banned for npt but i did not do npt because i dont know any of those humans that killed me
    i was mad because they are nps dogs and everytime i fight with 1-2-3 players they jump on me with 2-3 pt to get f**king nps
    i dont care about my nps so i went outside without items to give them what they want and what they need in thier life
    i didnt know its against rules cuz it was not "npt"
    i'd ask for unban and i promise to do not do it again if it's bad
    you can reset my nps or whatever you want but pls unban my char
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    BabySh0ckeR reacted to BroOk in Selling PRIEST itms.   
    selling :
    KROWAZ set +11
    int set +11
    gb +3
    rof dual +3
    sse dual +3
    mean leaonard +11 ( all weapons priest +11 and +8 utc maces)
    gab +11
    accessory set int +3
    Buying Cypher ring
    offers via PM forums .
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    Last Sunday CSW PK. Enjoy!!!
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    Things need to be change around here all i see humans or orcs but mostly humans just wait for boss once the boss is dead they go back afk. what is the point to farm if you just going to be afk all the time?  
    Maybe make some events or quest which need to use Ladder Points or Kill Other Nation and get some good rewards for it....
    All I'm saying is make pk more active then just afk like Retards  
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    BabySh0ckeR reacted to YouGotPwndByMyAss in FIX WARRIOR DMG WHAT IS GOING ON HERE ???????   
    No need buff warrior just put 15 STR back all know aoe low damage short range full fail hits. And right now we already slaying harunga's.
    Because all low gear warriors doesn't play this class they are playing Archers why should they play something that's useless? And the fully gear warriors have used alot of $ or much time on getting the items for expensive prices and they got screwed up like this. Then i'm specially talking about
    @BabySh0ckeR @Humburger @[email protected] @ComplexSinz @BACONSTRIPS
    This people for example did alot of farm and use $
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    Hi folks, 
    So i was thinking why do the Offline merchant in the Pus , it makes no sence at all. 
    People are using it to make more money, and now you gotta pay first 500 kc to make money.
    The postive things about the Offline Merchants are :
    -Most items that are needed are in those merchants
    -The server looks a lot more active ( so new people that join will call their friends)
    -NO shouting anymore  
    My suggestions/ideas to make the Offline Merchant easyier obtainable : 
    -First suggestion : Make it free like you did before 
    -My second suggestion : is that it could be a quest to obtain it. Like a weekly quest and you will have the offline merchant for serveral days. 
    Like kill 30 keramesh/nighmish and Medichmash , this is a way to let the farm coming back a bit aswell. 
    I prefer the second suggestion because else way there will be to many chars that standing in moradon that selling items they dont even need to sell. 
    Any other ideas are welcome  !

    Greetings Daan  
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  17. Haha
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    BabySh0ckeR reacted to NerfArchersPls in PurpleFuzzyUnicorns 2 Vs 2 ResurrectionOfDivine   
    I understand why karim made this topic. ResurrectionOfDivine called Karim a scammer for using me as his warrior but there was no rule (clan only) but i remember he didn't want to polemic them before the vs just record and see how he play but getting spam pm'd getting called scammer i understand why Karim is mad
    PS: i didn't record it at all just joined because Jonas/Underestimated/MrsSerises funny talk.
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    BabySh0ckeR reacted to ISpitOnYourGrave in Cartel 2vs2 LostHeaven   
    Dylan (Mogar) and Eden (Sick)
    Ibrahim (Control) and sergen (crazygoooing)
    had alot of fun vsing with these guys!
    End result : 9-3

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    BabySh0ckeR reacted to BroOk in LaTroupe Curse   
    thats the reason i dont respond you anymore ur pms because u are copy and past the smal parts from conversation to make those anoying topics btw even if u beat us on some vs we kill you as well and making videos about how u beat us sometimes doesnt means u are better and theres thousends reason to see why but well im not gonna stay here explain everything i have better things to do that be front of pc everymoment spamming no sense post..
    and stop spam letter pms etc u guys really anoying what u wanna proof? or what u looking for??feel free to make ur funny videos its part of game but theres no reason to misundertand the letter or pms with copy and past ..i admit that u have good team play but u guys are not fair players so u never will have the respect that u looking with ur videos/ss .this not the way to ear respect players. keep doing this im not gonna change my mind that u are just a bunch of brainless..