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  1. I didn't miss it just that im not 100% sure (I haven't tested) if that increase effects only base def or total def. I just put raw numbers out but you are right, any %-increase in any stat will increase to gap with higher stat base versus lower stat.
  2. 12+4+4+20+28= 68 (warrior) and another 60 more def from 100ac achievements compared to 40ac ach and some more over all stats (hp/ac/ap) from +3 stuff. 10 stat points from 5 bonus levels. sum up: 68+60+(accessory extra ac) and accessory extra ap and extra hp/res and 10 more stat points to spend. and most importantly veteran party/clan behind you everytime you go cz vs you solo/random party if lucky. That's what beginners face right when they start the server. Sry off-topic, just correcting false assumptions.
  3. didn't get purpose of this topic/10
  4. Groot

    APEXKO Whistle 6ws8

    Let my face the last thing you see/10 and Death dispelled like a vapor/10
  5. Groot


    Balance is made by players, not server. Currrently there isn't enought players to keep it balanced for most of day.
  6. Maybe I should not be telling you this but I'm from third movie, I'm evolved.
  7. Glad that helped, that's what it is for.
  8. Little guide I put together because I wanted to. Link to excel-file ApexGuide.xlsx I will keep editing/updating Excel-file as I learn new things and fix false info/add more info. Pictures will not be updated very often.
  9. Groot

    S/B list

    Don't worry about it, just pm me price of item you are selling in KC
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