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  1. Then can you please tell me what is the minimum requirements to get the rewards? So next time this happens I don't have to waste my time if I won't get anything anyway.
  2. Started the event with 3 people, 1 was afk and after killing 4 times the other I was afk till the end aswell, meanwhile 1 quitted. As you can see on the picture I got nothing in the end.
  3. - You should add shield for them aswell for all 3 of the options. (Supershells, Krowaz, UTC). Right now none of them contains shield - When it's krowaz items BP's gets Chaos Baal aswell which is pointless. - When it's UTC gear BP's gets only Buju+5 rev as weapon (since there is no good UTC weapon for BP I would suggest to give atleast Wirinom here aswell and remove that Buju) Thanks.
  4. Aesteris already mentioned about this in Discord: "We'll be disabling the Tournament Ronark Land use during PvP Happy Hours as it's as popular as originally thought. Tournament Ronark Land will now also be closed at the same time Boss Events finishes (it will still open up 30 minutes early!). This change will be included in the patch notes for next patch."
  5. Next to Dark Knights
  6. First of all, use the newcomer gift package (if you haven't used it yet: 7214-apex-2020-gift-8841) it gives you premium / cospre / etc... If you don't know how to use it, then you can check it here --> https://forum.apexko.com/topic/10274-apex-forever-claiming-codes/ Then you should go eslant and get lvl 83 on minions (they are easy to kill in solo, and you should hit 83 in a few hours I think). After that you can go cz and try to farm some money. If you are playing solo, then you should farm: -Beast / Blood Seeker(drops bus & bes) -Ancient / Treant (drops crap items that can be sold to npc) -Cardinal (drops BUS & crap items that can be sold to npc) -Bowl mobs for gold coin (I would recommend it only if you are playing sin / archer) If you have a party to farm with then: -Booro / Balrog (drops blood finger / high class weapons & armors, Balrog drops exceptional weapons aswell.) -Doom soldier (drops shard / weapon breaker) <-- this can be farmed in solo aswell but depends on what class you play. These are for cz, but you will be raided pretty often. (depends on what timezone you will be playing) If you don't want to get raided then you can farm at EMC / Luferson aswell. (of course the drop rate will be worse than CZ). Here you can farm: -Ancient / Treant (same drops as CZ but lower drop rate) -Harunga / Garuna (crap items aswell to sell it for npc) And you can rent items aswell: it costs 2m for 6 hour and you get shell set+7 and +7 weapon (shard / raptor etc...) That's all I can think of right now, hope it helped you.
  7. You can farm booro / balrog in cz as a team. They can drop blood finger (jamadar) which can be sold for good price, and they drop shells / high class weapons (balrog drops exceptional weapons) aswell. Or doom soldier can be an other option for solo/duo (it drops shard / weapon breaker (jamadar)). You should check out the 29/01/2021 patch notes for more info, but here is the drop related stuff from the patch if you don't want to check: Drop related: - Weapon Breakers now drop from Doom Soldiers in Ronark Land as an additional drop. - Blood Fingers now drop from Booro and Balrog in Ronark Land as an additional drop. - Belt of Quickness and Necklace of Quickness have been added as additional drops to Dulian, Jersey, and Query. - Old Belt of Quickness and Old Necklace of Quickness have been added as drops to Monster Stone bosses. - Using Genie in Ronark Land will now negatively affect your drop rates. - Manual farming is still boosted by 33% - Newly implemented party sized based drop boosts (for manual farming ONLY) -Drop rates will now scale UP with the size of your party for the following monsters in Ronark Land: - Titan - Booro - Balrog - Falcon - Apostle of Flame - Apostle of Piercing Cold - This means it is ALWAYS beneficial to add someone to your party if you're hunting these monsters now. - AFK Party members and party members using Genie are excluded for the purposes of this boost.
  8. I think the video shows well the bugs. -Sprint can fall off randomly just like that. (in the video it starts from 20 seconds) -About the respawn with half hp: It is only happening when you are respawning on the blades directly. If you respawned normally and your character is still blinking and you run into the blades then it won't do any damage. I'm pretty sure that both bugs happens atleast once each chaos for me. so I would appreciate if you could take a look into it. Thanks.
  9. Mage is probably the cheapest class in the game since all you need is to get your dual +1 rings (Imir ring+1 is around 5gb and Flame ring+1 around 10gb now) and your damage is almost maxed out, which is an advantage and a disadvantage at the same time.
  10. Baluka


    I did some test after today's patch and I would like to share them because as I see people like to exaggerate a bit. So as a lightning mage myself I'm speaking on behalf of them. During this test I was full mp (and when I say full mp I mean it. Dual LKP+1 / Crystal Neck+1 / Crystal Belt+1 / Dual Imir+1 / Ron's set+6(MP) / Chaotic staff+7. Overall 255(+134)MP). And on full scroll aswell which was needed to maximaze my damage (weapon enchant, wolf scroll, lion scroll, magic spell increase scroll and absolute power.) https://www.apexko.com/character/baluka - Before I start I would like to mention 5 things: 1. I doubt there are any LR mage on the server who would running with this MP build such as myself so their overall damage is even lower than mine. 2. Absolute Power (mage lv 62 master skill) barely increase anything, like 10-15dmg difference at max (definetly not 30% increase) so it's almost nonexistent. 3. LR mage does not have DOT damage on their novas. 4. Keep in mind that with this build I can have like 6k hp maximum (which includes full scroll + full hp cospre + tattoo + this 13th anniversary emblem aswell.) 5. THE DAMAGE I'M POSTING IS THE DAMAGE THAT APPEARS ON THEIR SCREEN (WHICH MEANS -15% MASTER INCLUDED). -The first damage test was on Warrior class (what I tested was lv 72 staff and 70/60 nova): with 55 LR resist: 72 staff = around 880dmg lv 70 nova = 1100-1150dmg lv 60 nova = around 1050 with 119 LR: 72 staff = 800-850dmg lv 70 nova = 1000-1050dmg lv 60 nova = 870-970dmg Then with 199 LR: 72 staff = 730-800dmg lv 70 nova = around 950dmg lv 60 nova = around 850dmg -The second damage test was on a Priest class. With 87 LR resist: 72 staff = 790-870dmg lv 70 nova = around 1100dmg lv 60 nova = around 930dmg With 211 LR: 72 staff = 750-780dmg lv 70 nova = around 900dmg lv 60 nova = around 840dmg With 291 LR: I forgot to do nova but the 72 staff was 690-740dmg. Conclusion: RESIST DOES MATTER AGAINST MAGES AND LR MAGE IS NOT OP (Since I don't have fire mage I couldn't test that but I'm pretty sure it's working like this against them aswell). But if anyone giving me dual FR+1 and Scorching+7 or Hell blood+7 I'm willing to test fire damage aswell, because I don't believe that resist is not working. However there is 1 thing that should be done: When mages start to cast a skill on someone but they go out of the range (e.g descented away or get teleported away) then it should be cancelled.
  11. As the title says, and the reason for that is simple: - I believe that most Rogue / Warrior players prefer Red potion while Mage / Priest players prefers Blue potion. These potions account bounded anyway, so it would be good if we could exchange them in 1:1 or even in 2:1 or 3:1 ratio for the opposite potion (Just to be clear I mean 1x10 blue potion for 1x10 red potion or 2x10 red potion for 1x10 blue potion, etc.) so both Blue / Red potion will keep the value to every class. Note that I'm talking about only PK chest. Right now for example, as a mage player myself Red potion is useless for me, so I had to trash them out a few times.
  12. From the boss of monster stone.
  13. I feel that a little upgrade for these vouchers are necessary, so more people would participate in these events. Right now you can't exchange the Chaos voucher for anything(except for like 2-3 quest in moradon which is worthless) and you can exchange 5x BDW certificate for 1x green chest (I doubt anyone would actually change for this). So these are my ideas: - Chaos voucher: 1. 5-10x for UNTRADABLE trina or karivdis. 2. 5x for silvery gem or something around that price. one of the two is enough for chaos vouchers or even both if you don't mind. - BDW certificate: 5x for blue chest or silver bar. About priest books: If you could make scrolls for both of them (like wolf scroll) that would be cool. (it's not that important or urgent, just a little feature that would be appreciated by priest players in my opinion). Thanks.
  14. Tested aswell but it was normal for me, with +1 imir I did more dmg.
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