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  1. I feel that a little upgrade for these vouchers are necessary, so more people would participate in these events. Right now you can't exchange the Chaos voucher for anything(except for like 2-3 quest in moradon which is worthless) and you can exchange 5x BDW certificate for 1x green chest (I doubt anyone would actually change for this). So these are my ideas: - Chaos voucher: 1. 5-10x for UNTRADABLE trina or karivdis. 2. 5x for silvery gem or something around that price. one of the two is enough for chaos vouchers or even both if you don't mind. - B
  2. Edit: seems like both HP / AC buffs can fall off randomly As title says, but let me give you an example: - I was farming blood seeker on genie in cz (as a buffer priest), and if I took off the AC buff then my char would use it immediately even if it's attacking a mob. BUT when I took off Undying (or any HP buffs) then it won't use it until there is mob within the genie range. It's not a big problem to be honest, but it would be nice if you could fix it.
  3. Tested aswell but it was normal for me, with +1 imir I did more dmg.
  4. 1. Agree 2. Agree (if 1. is applied though then this is pointless i think.) 3. Disagree with this one. I think all skill should be free, that way the only thing that would be useless is magic jewel powder (which is around 3m now) and the daily quest in cz (harunga / undying. This can be easily reworked though for like 1 or 2m each quest or some other items, so it's not a problem). On the other hand lobo / lycaon / lupus pendant and tail of shaula / lesath and fang of bakirra will be still valuable just like now (20-30m each) because people will still need red pot / 2k hp / 350 ac scr
  5. There is nothing wrong with that I think. Sometimes you get stunned a bit more, sometimes a bit less. It seems balanced for me.
  6. And try to fix this one too pls
  7. Don't really care about 3. and 4. but please try to fix 2. and 5.
  8. I'm pretty sure they meant EMC / Luferson spot of Treant / Ancient where no one will raid you.
  9. 1. You can get stunned from nova without doing damage to you, which means you are out of range but still can get stunned (this is the most irritating thing for me). --> Happens pretty often 2. Sprint randomly falling down. (using sprint then after 3 second it's off, don't know why) --> Happens pretty often 3. Fire skill (3k dmg) randmoly fails. Casted it fine and there was nothing that could block it and it landed successfully but no dmg dealt. --> Happens not too often. 4. The dot skill (3x or 4x 1k dmg if i'm right) dealing the damage all at once not as it should. --
  10. That's ok then, but my main issue was about the 100-150 Juraid win achive if it is bugged, or it was intented like I mentioned. So I would like to get an answer on that matter aswell
  11. https://imgur.com/a/W50OXUB Character name: Baluka Hi, as you can see on the pictures above I got the achive for 100 win when i had only 25 and got the achive for 150 win when i had 50 and both of them are working fine (there is no way i have 150 win already, i'm probably around 60 win). I don't mind if it stays this way, but I doubt it was intented. And there is one more bug related to this. I have other characters on this account and they got the Juraid achives too even though I wasn't even on Juraid with those characters. There are other achivements that got unlocked on those char
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