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  1. fyi. andrew is one the guys running this clan = the clan will die and u will get scammed. Join my clan instead: Moradon Warrior Fighters
  2. Sounds like the item swap could have been TrippyMelody's idea. Another attempt of making some extra moniez
  3. Whoever claims that mage parties don't require skills know nothing about mages. Mage parties do require some superb synchronisation to cover up for the squishiness of the character. However, mages who claim that the nova damage is FINE, ALSO know nothing about balance. I'm trying to get both parts here. I want you guys to stay mage, but I don't wanna insta die in 2 seconds. I have frigging +2 uniques and shit, yet im dying to iron set mages in one boom. I do respect you guys, but this thread was a bit cheesy. I know you clearly wrote that your intention wasn't to spread "we are better than you", but that's exactly what lies in the shadows of this thread. You simply want to show the community that you can play any class and still perform as good, WHICH YOU MIGHT, but spreading that stuff like this is nothing but cheesy. To answer your question : Stay mage.
  4. I dont know how to remove it.
  5. I want the old anvil back with this shiny/red line indicating if its a success or a burn. It was a better feeling upping with that one!
  6. Sota, you simply don't understand the concept of my message. I'm not saying warrior should be running around hitting like trucks, healing like gods, and stun chain someone for 5 seconds. I recommend glasses, but I'll take it again. Make passion warriors do less damage then hell blade warrior, like 20% less, but cover it up with some utility, mobility whatever. Make up for the lack of damage.
  7. Sota, I see your point. But right now I'm spamming duffed targets for nearly 2.2k. It's just a one button spam fest. If passion just do a bit more, not many will play them, but if it does significantly more they will. However, it is impossible to make passion do significantly more without breaking the barrier of balance completely. Note that this is my personal opinion. I do respect other peoples' opinion to its fullest. I don't think the damage is the problem here. Let's make them do the same damage, but give passion other benefits that attracts people into playing it. Could be anything... CC, some great heals, whatever.It doesn't always have to be about damage
  8. People are right about that they can't make passion build hitting more than hell blade right now, that would be way too op. What they need to do, if they want hell blade to do less damage than passion, is to decrease the damage of hell blade by around 10-15%, then make passion hit for as much as hell blades hits now.
  9. Hi! I'm going to try to be as clear as possible describing this issue. First of all, the game has a limit which behaves so that you cannot sell for more than you can carry (21gb). This stops you from overcapping / losing money by selling 3x rogue shells for 999m each. Instead it gives you this message informing you that you cannot sell for this much, because then you would have passed the gb cap. So the issue is like this. If you sell e.g. Silk bundle for 500m, then you should be able to sell 4 of these. But if you start up putting them up for 500m, then you'd be like "Oh, gosh, that might be a little bit too expensive" and change your mind. You right click the item, just to put it up again, this time for 400m each instead (x4). You cannot do that, because some how the merchant still counts the previous 500m x 4, as if you never removed the items. Does it make any sense? I sell 2 shells +8 for 999m. I take them down. Now I can only sell stuff for 1gb, because the 20gb (from the shells) is still there. You don't get the 20gbs, but it is stuck in the gb check that prevents you from overcapping your gbs. Take care!


    I undressed myself, while fishing.


    I once fished, without fishing.


    I once fished, twice.
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