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  1. wulala

    UTC: Disconnection on priest resurrection

    i will try again when next UTC event , nothing special . just want rez someone who die, and when skill finished the guy got DC suddenly. not during skill doing but when finished skill. i had tried many times before i reported to Vivaldi when UTC test :S
  2. wulala

    make ultima harder

    people cryed that ultima too strong to kill when had less player in cz before. and people cryed that ultima too weak to get prize if didn't touch in time nowadays. that's human nature np only need to keep enchancing ultima so that people will spend more time in cz and pk will happen beside ultima
  3. The time Ultima spawm to chinese about 02:30 A.M. and 09:30 A.M. many chinese almost sleep or work at the time ,we don't care about any pk at cz when ultima spawm and just want drop or quest at all . by the way, if gm will strengthen felankor It's fine for us too
  4. wulala

    Miguan PK Moive

    first upload complete vs video not clipped videos and then follow the second rule of setting minor
  5. wulala

    Miguan PK Moive

    why you post like MDMA :?