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    Lapislazuli reacted to Lycaons in Premium types feedback.   
    Go to a MYKO Server please. You're absolutely garbo. <3
    & Maybe to prevent buying 30 day exp premium, when you only use about 14-21 days of it, you can offer 7 Day premium or 14 day premium? Along with 30 days of course.
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    Lapislazuli got a reaction from mo3head in Ronark Land EXP monster spawn tour.   
    These are my findings, I'll report observations immediately right next to the monster name and a more detailed analysis (if needed) at the bottom.
    Human side
    15 dark knights (5-5-5, close together in the same ledge)
    9 hobgoblins (uneven spawn 3-6)
    4 apostles of piercing cold (uneven spawn 1-3)
    10 booro
    10 balog
    10 trolls (uneven spawns 4-6)
    10 troll warriors
    5 troll shamans
    9 cardinals (uneven spawns 4-3-2)
    11 evil wizards (uneven spawns 3-3-3-2, so 4 total lol)
    Human NW zone (northwest of bowl)
    25 dark stones (too much)
    10 titans
    8 stone golems
    9 Falcons (uneven spawn 4-5, could use slot position readjusting)
    26 crimson wings (uneven spawns 5-4-4-4-5 ---- could use slot position readjusting)
    10 doom soldiers
    10 evil wizards

    Orc side
    15 dark knights (10+5, 10 ledge, 5 at the back)
    9 hobgoblins (uneven spawn 5-4, too close together)
    2! apostles of piercing cold
    10 booro
    10 balog
    No trolls of any kind.
    12 evil wizards (uneven spawns 5-3-4)
    9 cardinals (slots of 3)

    Orc SE zone (southeast of bowl)
    26 crimson wings (4+4+5+5+4+4)
    10 evil wizards
    8 stone golems (4+4, though 1 of them is really separated)
    8 falcons (4+4? human side has 9 although should be 10)
    10 titans.
    25 dark stones (5-5-5-5-5, too many. there should be at most 15 aka 3 slots).

    Observations and feedback (bugs in green):
    1. Frokell / Goloras are split apart in the NW area (edit: also SE), I'm pretty sure that both mob types form part of the same chain quest (chain quest spawns often have 4-5 of a certain monster type and 1 completely different that would be their "boss"), need confirmation.
    2. Two slots of dark stones are really, really close to each other in human side (NW), along with also a Titan one, has aoe potential. Should this be the norm, or should they be split? There's nothing like this in orc side (SE).
    3. Slots should normally have 5 of each monster, unless some are purposefully balanced to have 4. There's a lot of inconsistency where 1 slot of crimson wings has 5 monsters, and the next slot a few meters away has 4.
    4. Troll warriors and normal Trolls are out of place because nobody will hunt them, maybe introduce Troll capt and Troll berserker? Got to be careful with the amount of EXP available at CZ though (check #14).
    5. Apos and Deruvish slots are empty, meaning that they were removed. What about putting brahman and paramun there with the
    Eslant EXP values assigned as their CZ value, therefore reducing their eslant exp value by whatever % is the extra exp that CZ would give? A Ninja nerf with compensation, a workaround for people who don't want to deal with Genie spammed Paramun eslant slots while also successfully nerfing the passive automatic genie exp gain without much of an uproar.
    6. Dragon tooth commanders at the back are useless, could be replaced by something maybe. (or maybe not)
    7. Karus side dragon tooth commander area is completely empty.
    8. Karus side troll area is completely empty.
    9. Karus side orc bandit officer area is completely empty.
    10. Apostles of piercing cold are bugged on both sides. Completely separated from each other and not enough per spawn. I found some Apostles of piercing cold at the SE orc area too, 1 by evil wizards and another by falcons. Wtf are they doing there?
    11. How many Apostle of piercing cold slots are there supposed to be? and how many per spawn? should 2 slots of 4 each near cardinals at the back of the base. People used to farm BUS there at EUKO, but these AoC were easier than the eslant ones while still being solo-able (update: I think these ones only have 20k HP so they're easy to kill). Cardinals could also drop BUS, or maybe BES or other lower scrolls / NPC trash. Gotta be careful with having too many lowbies gathering in the same area though.
    12. Human spawn of dark knights have 15 (5x3) of them surrounding the mini-ledge at the back of HB while in orc side, there are only
    ten at the mini-ledge, and 5 at the back. Balancing is required so that the human slot isn't entirely better than orc's. human spot should have 5 DK's moved to the back slot, while also moving those chain quest monsters (that are sitting at the back of human's slot) a little to the side so you don't accidentally aoe them as a mage.
    13. Too many Dark stones per side. 25 is excessive, there should be 15 at most, 10 of them being kinda close together so they can be aoe'd + a titan spawn.
    14. Exping is still a bit of a wild card, I don't know how it's gonna turn out and how much of the regular grinding will be involved (especially with the 2.5x quest thingy), having too many slots would be a little too much in CZ, it's nice to have options but some of these need to go... will have to analyze carefully.
    15. Hobgoblins have 9 total in their respective slots. It should be either 10 (5+5) or 8 (4+4), also, orc hobgoblin spawns are too close together.
    16. Cardinal spawns are a mess, there are 9 total per nation and in human side they're unevenly distributed. In case these are gonna be farm monsters they should be fixed.
    17. Apostles of piercing cold are giving me 147k exp on level 81. I don't know what amount of exp increase we have with this PREMIUM that every alpha acc uses, but I still think it's a bit too high.
    If 8 man booro gives 200k, then apostles of piercing cold should give 30-40k.
    18. Only 12-11 evil wizards (12 orc, 11 human), and in human side they're split apart hideously. Will these be fixed? If that's the case then it might be worth looking into these (15 total, 3 slots, 5 per slot, slots being split like it currently is in orc side and make them drop exceptional high class weapons again unless they already are doing it), if not then nevermind.
    In my opinion, 1 slot of troll captains needs to be added at CZ (to keep consistent with having the top monster of the harpy, apos (assuming you also put paramun, although those don't drop anything, it would be for other reasons) and golem family present in CZ).
    Paramun and brahman in CZ seems like a nice passive fix to the genie issue. If paramuns at eslant normally give 57k, then that could be their CZ amount, and instead they could give 48k at Eslant (reducing for brahmans too in the same fashion).
    Dark stones should have 2 slots (10 total), or 3 at most (15 total).
    Falcons and crimson wings could perhaps be closer together, not too much so they outclass other exp parties but enough so with some luring, mages can have their way (though they usually just go to Dark knights). In case of mages having too many options, if Evil Wizards are fixed, then harpies at NW / SE cz should be left alone.
    As for farm monsters, it's clear that Cardinals would be the solo farming kind of monsters, perhaps apostles of piercing cold too while Bifrost / cursed stones / chaos stone / krowaz should suffice for clan farming (Will eslant bosses be buffed? I remember my last years in usko you would need a whole party for eslant mobs, while in the past a warrior and a priest could duo everything).
    thats it for now