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  1. Lapislazuli

    EXP flashes usable with Apex prem.

    Can stack 4 of them too. Unsure if this stands true for other premium kinds and non-prem (probably not).
  2. Lapislazuli

    Passion Warrior Damage Too Low

    So by worth it you mean, a point where there's not even a choice anymore between the two?
  3. Lapislazuli

    Market rules.

    1. Topic hijacking is not allowed (ex: You sell X for 20 and some other person comes into your thread saying he's selling it for 15). 2. Prefixes are not mandatory, yet it is recommended to use words that everyone can understand such as "sell", "trade" or "buy" 3. It is advised to not create excessive threads for multiple items, try to merge them into one thread if possible. 4. Excessive thread bumping is not allowed. 5. USD and account trades won't be banned, but you will do them at your own risk. The ApexKO staff won't be held responsible for any scam or fraud regarding this kind of trades. 6. Advertising USD trades in our forums/games or social media sites will lead to a ban.
  4. Lapislazuli

    Market rules.

  5. Lapislazuli

    Refugees at invasions and oreads(?)

    User reports that these are not giving NP. These should give base 50 NP (if killed solo), less in a party. Just like a regular CZ kill.
  6. Lapislazuli

    Dark Lunar War and its consequences

    Dark Lunar War shouldn't be active in this server. That alone would be enough, but in case it gets activated at some point, it has issues that come along with it. 1. Ardream does not close after DLW starts. 2. CZ (Ronark Land) does close instead! Those two should be inverted.
  7. Lapislazuli

    Passion Warrior Damage Too Low

    People always tend to forget that they buff the entire party by a lot too. Ideally, both options should have advantages and disadvantages. If Berserk completely outclasses the Attack tree, then there's not much of a choice left is there? "But, you lose 300 ac!" Which does nothing against mages damage, means little on the class with the highest AC and HP in the game, and is further diminished by the level 55 defense tree passive (that you access at 83). Just because you work hard to reach 83 doesn't mean that you should be given a build option that outperforms the other one in every regard. This is especially true when you consider how other classes don't really get entire new playstyles unlocked at 83, more like measly extra abilities that in most cases barely tend to make a difference. The way it is right now, no, the way it even was in Apex 1, was fine. You lose AC, spend 100 more mana per skill, lose leg cutting and blooding, but in return you get more damage (both R and ability), a party wide buff of 50-70 AP and 400 hp / mp, AoE capabilities (now fixed), and useful little hp to mp (and viceversa) transfer abilities. You guys need to look at whole picture when it comes to proper balance
  8. Shouldn't happen. Makes final reward obsolete. (minibosses = lirimu, leechking, kocatris, bone dragon, minotaur, red dragon hatchling, etc)
  9. Lapislazuli

    Deruvish Founder drops +1 uniques

    Can anyone confirm this? It'd be depressing if certain users knew of this all along yet they never reported it.
  10. Lapislazuli

    Deruvish Founder drops +1 uniques

    This is from the most recent beta (dec 12)
  11. lol Supposed to be Fire -> Lightning, not Lightning -> Lightning.
  12. It was lightning, couldn't turn it to fire. Unsure of how many more staffs have this bug.
  13. Lapislazuli

    Coin drop from uruk hai and uruk blade

    This one is really lame but hais drop double the amount of coin than blades despite being much weaker. Just doesn't make sense lol.
  14. Lapislazuli

    Crudes, Opals and Crystals shortage

    Before all skills were open automatically in the beta (13/12), I had a really, really tough time gathering enough gems to open my skills. In USKO I know that monsters from the skeleton family tend to drop them more, but here I noticed no difference. I believe all monsters in apex (except CZ ones) can drop them at a low rate (like 15% maybe), so perhaps this rate could be increased? It is a problem when you get the pendants / holy water and the only thing holding you back from opening a skill are these gems. If it's not changed expect to see these at 5-10m each on release >_> don't go overboard though also, these in fishing and mining are a no-go (as shown by apex 1). Rogue requires 13 magic jewel powder in total (2 for 70, 3 for 72, 3 for 75, 5 for 80) which equals 39 gems... an insane amount to even think of acquiring as things are atm.
  15. This isn't a new issue. Unsure if already fixed, but in case it isn't, OBL should be the only monster in the game that drops this quest item, since 2 spawn at a time maybe make it not 100% chance (unlike other quest items)?
  16. Lapislazuli

    Doom Knight leash range is too small

    For some reason, in the Eslant Doom Knight spot (not dark knight) only 2 of them are susceptible to max range pulls, for the rest, you have to get really close if you want to lure them to you otherwise they just ignore your ranged attacks.
  17. Their range seems way shorter + getting hit 1400 per tower, and it's not even the inner ones.
  18. Lapislazuli

    Red potion as the invading nation

    While its true that you can no longer get a red potion from the enemy homeland's tower of power, you can still do it at your home nation if you leave the war map and go back to it (you need to have won the war for this). this shouldn't be possible.
  19. Lapislazuli

    Red potion as the invading nation

    Adding to this for clarity: the only ones who should be able to get red potions are the defending users, in their home nation, only while the invasion lasts.
  20. Lapislazuli

    Tagging a bowl bifrost monster

    If you carefully time them (non egos auto-die every 5 mins), all you need is to slightly tag them with some damage right before they de-spawn and you'll get kill credit + box. Of course not every class can do this without getting 2 shot in melee range, so I doubt this was widely known.
  21. Lapislazuli

    Transformation scrolls #1

    The ones worth 440k Transformation scrolls should disappear on death.
  22. Lapislazuli

    Anger on abyss dungeon

    Interesting, this shouldn't happen indeed.
  23. Lapislazuli


    Yeah sure I'll ban him for typing a word. People, how do you deal with your everyday lives if you let something this minor affect you that much? If I were to put on a scale what's more 'toxic' then surely even just one of the things that SPANKME listed would easily tip it over to your side. Stop trying to get people banned, use the block chat feature in game or just ignore it.
  24. Lapislazuli

    Monuments and point system @ boat map

    I see no reason why they should just become active after 15 minutes. On top of that, they seem to have absolutely no effect upon the final war outcome. There should be counter every 30 or 60 secs which factors whatever nation has X amount of monuments captured instead. Example: Tally 1: humans have 3 monuments captured, orcs have 4 (humans have 3 points now, orcs have 4) 30 seconds later Tally 2: humans have 1 monument captured, orcs have 6 (humans have 4 points now, orcs have 10) And so on. Make warders be worth 25 points, keepers 100 points, and perhaps add a catchup mechanic like BDW has (When you are losing for a high amount of kills in bdw, if you capture the monu, you get a lot of "kills" through points so there's a comeback factor). That could be done with Wanigan. -------------------------------------------------------- There's also the fact that it seems impossible to end the war through sheer monument holding, because the central one doesn't seem to be working(?) Not sure if this always happens though. If one nation holds all monuments for 1 minute, the war should end.
  25. Lapislazuli

    Monuments and point system @ boat map

    That trivializes possible defense strategies though, since no matter whether you want to hold 1 point, people will keep trading monus in the other side of the map. As far as I know, the score always ticked depending on the amount of monuments held (If you hold more, more points are awarded every X amount of time), making it so that each monument counts as a kill goes against conquest game-type rules.