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  1. Sometimes it randomly assigns some other guy. IE: You wanna kick guy A, guy B gets kicked. Same for assigning party leadership to someone.
  2. Lapislazuli

    Bone dragon's aoe dot isnt working.

    Its range attack is just a ranged snare (ala scream) instead of the stacking poison dot aoe that used to have before.
  3. Lapislazuli

    Assassin's Throwing Knife

    Level 63 skill. It does 500% damage, even though the tooltip says it does 300%.
  4. If you're pretty much almost inside the other character's hitbox, this skill will do no damage and go on cooldown.
  5. Lapislazuli

    Close range arrows occasionally fail

    User reports that it happens mostly with level 75 and 80 arrows.
  6. Lapislazuli

    [Oreads] Spike traps

    Near base you should receive damage in certain spots, not working tho.
  7. Lapislazuli

    Leech king at juraid, no aoe mana drain

    Just copy paste how OBL works atm and it'd be fine... jk.
  8. Every arrow misses from shower and multiple.
  9. Some trees in colony zone present this problem although rarely: This spot in eslant, too deep into the oasis: Easily fixed if bosses moved a little, I've seen snake queen and HQ stroll around, so it's possible. Maybe Shaula is the only one who does not move? Perhaps lesath too.
  10. 1. Atross /Riote killer 2. [specific class] killer 3. [specific boss] killer, though that one is hard. maybe weekly. 4. Daily overkill (inflict more than X amount of damage in 1 hit) 5. Successfully cure 10 party members (party cure counts as 1) 6. Daily inflict 5 debuffs on someone. (slows, dot, curse, aoe counts as 1) 7. Daily revenge kill 8. Daily bifrost monu kill 9. Daily 1000 points on ladder board 10. Daily healer (heal more than 30000 hp for party members, aoe 10k heals count as 1) All the ones that require supporting your party, need to be used properly (needs to be healing lost hp, curing actual debuffs, etc) Some of these could be tweaked to be weekly, just increasing the threshold needed. Will add more if needed.
  11. 1. Bone Dragon should DoT curse the entire party (explosion effect on the player looks like an acid potion, stacks 300 damage per second each time) if they're attacked from far, not the snaring high damage single target spell they currently have for a range attack. 2. Lirimu doesn't visually show its aoes (looks like mage's inferno) and the DoT is purple in the hp bar, not orange as it should be (this causes the purple effect to never disappear even if its cured with the right spell) http://forum.apexko.com/tracker/issue-459-status-debuff-colors-are-sort-of-wrong/ 3. Minotaur should single target DoT (minimal) when attacked from range (looks like an acid potion both on splash and as a projectile) 4. Minotaur could use a 50% attack damage boost. 5. Leech King, Lirimu could use a 15% attack damage 6. Red Dragon Hatchling could use a 50% attack damage boost 7. Leech Kings are not using their mana drain (3k) when attacked from far. 8. It's hard to pull monsters from the platforms, they often ignore the attacks. 9. Nobody likes Doom Soldiers, but they appear way too sporadically. The rate should be 50% Doom, 30% TW, 20% Apos. For reference, the monsters' range attack (if applicable) is used whenever they cannot reach people with their melee attacks. The maximum range of these ranged attacks is slightly shorter than a mage' level 39 spell. Sorry for the list
  12. If you right click on someone's user information (view info), you'll see a Confirm button in the window that pops up. That confirm button doesn't exist. If you click it, your character will move in that direction, as if you clicked the ground. Kinda annoying.
  13. The ones next to tp gates at moradon, and in parallel to tp gates at main towns (emc / lufer) War hero lists are empty (people who killed warders or keepers are supposed to be recorded there) Battle hero lists are filled with random names (those are supposed to be the top killers in wars, but I think even an INT priest is up in the elmorad one), also kills aren't displayed so I wonder what are these for. To top it off, they display users for the last 3 wars, even though the last recorded war day there were only 2 wars (it's not supposed to mix war days, even if there's only 1 war per day every day of the week).
  14. MP recover amount is 10, which stands for 10%, so if a skill or R attack hits for 2000, you should recover 200 mana. Currently, you only recover like 2% (20 out of 1000) for some reason, it seems like a slightly inconsistent amount. Anyway, it's not 10% at all. (Note: This isn't MP damage).
  15. Not a custom daily one, but one from USKO (Analyst NPC). This one has the NPC sell you an invisibility potion for 1m, but the dialogue is broken after "Accepted". Mind you, this quest isn't always available (day-based).
  16. Can't find: -Any apex points voucher. -Scrap of steel (Steel piece) -Nest Scrap (Fragment of the nest)
  17. It does not and will not work at all. You have to use the regular "enter" key so that it becomes unbugged. This happens after changing zones sometimes (not full map travels, but to different areas in the same map) and mainly after buying stackable items (you have to input quantity) on NPC's or repairing. Enter button functionality is obviously typing in chat.
  18. Thought this was fixed. At least people are immediately visible after attacking now, but there's still no fade time in or out of stealth.
  19. Quite simple. Finding The NPC: 1. Go to moradon 2. Find yourself in middle of both TP gates 3. Turn right (the side where White Shadow is standing) 4. Turn around the corner to the left and keep going until you find the npc. Items needed -3x Old Uniques (must be identical, sealed or not doesn't matter) -5 Nest Scrap (loot from monsters in Monster Stone instances and mining) -50 Scraps of Steel (loot from monsters in Monster Stone instances and mining) -1 Soft Stone (Acquire this on the NPC itself, buy it for 1m in the "Alchemy stone sales" tab) Optional: Dragon's Scale. Note that this process isn't guaranteed, meaning you can fail the upgrade and lose all materials in the process. To make it a 100% guaranteed upgrade, you need a Dragon's Scale. You can acquire this item from winning the Forgotten Temple, Power-up Store, Felankor Chest or buying it from player merchants at Moradon. Manufacturing 1. Talk to NPC 2. Click "Assemble" 3. Drag items there and click "Combination" 4. ??? 5. Hopefully profit!
  20. Lapislazuli

    Increasing FT's monster density

    It's so easy right now that even with 33% people AFK, people can still pull through.
  21. Lapislazuli

    Clan notice won't update.

    Whenever you try to type another "Noticet" it saves for a while, but when you close and re-open the clan window (U -> clan tab) it resets to the older one.
  22. Lapislazuli

    Staff durability never seems to decrease

    (Tried this with Elixir staves) UPDATE: Confirmed that spells do not drop a staff durability at all. Only staff attacks and physical attacks ®. Spells should also decrease a staff durability. UPDATE 2: Spells do decrease the durability after all... but at an INCREDIBLY slow rate.
  23. Remember ninja Riotes in the first apex? Same thing happens. Boss appears, you spot them from very far away, you get close, they're not there. You move away, you see them again, they might disappear or not again. Now, this doesn't happen to everyone, while 5 people might be confused and be like "where's the boss?!?!" someone else without this problem can just come in and kill it. This is happening more and more from what I've heard. Sometimes, when you do kill a 'bugged' boss, it just stays there with 0 hp, no dead animation, no box.
  24. Lapislazuli

    Gender change scroll

    Currently missing from the PUS. What price tag could it have?