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  1. I tested, it bursts as high as Blinding does. Did you check it out? o.o
  2. Level 63 skill. It does 500% damage, even though the tooltip says it does 300%.
  3. Like El Morad's 2nd warder was slain. [Clan][user] killed it. El Morad's 2nd warder was slain. [Clan][user] killed it. Once in Napais gorge, this happened at orc's 1st warder (double notice). And then as soon as the 2nd one died, the war immediately ended. Unsure if this caused the keeper to immediately be marked as dead, thus making the war end. It happened again today at oreads when orcs killed the human W2, but I couldn't get to confirm since orcs did not kill W1 before losing the war.
  4. I've witnessed as users get visibly hit by a log (right in the middle of its hitbox) yet they're completely unharmed.
  5. Can't use any siege transform unless you have every scroll, red potion, meat dumpling or buff off. Edit: User reports it won't work if you're a commander (horse) either.
  6. Only Healing Potion spawns, Inn and Sundries never spawn (or respawn).
  7. Near base you should receive damage in certain spots, not working tho.
  8. Using this skill at Juraid (and possibly BDW) gives your team a kill.
  9. Tried with the following items: Old EP and Old amulet of STR. When equipping STR, nothing happened, when equipping back the EP, the weight increased as it should of had with STR... but it was just visual (when nearing the weight limit with pots, it reset back to the actual weight). Meanwhile, having STR equipped was not a visual bug, because trying to go above the max carrying capacity would fail. This was tested with a transform scroll on.
  10. You're supposed to pick one of those jewelry pieces, but on completion it gives you all 4. I suppose the same happens with Emblem of Chaos IV. NPC: [Grand Merchant's Daughter] Menissiah at moradon.
  11. Does not work, because middle class becomes high class from +7, so the server might be thinking it was originally high from +1 so it doesn't accept it. Obviously you cannot rebirth items that are initially middle class. "The item does not match the upgrade requirements" User tested this on Weapon Breaker (middle class at +1)
  12. Fair suggestions, but keep in mind that having unkillable warders and keepers will always benefit the defending nation more (this is often reflected in the kills). I'd be in favor of a war put in saturdays.
  13. You get constant dc from server everytime you try to log in from then onwards (unless it happens to be bf time again). Heard this from a user, need to confirm.
  14. Remember ninja Riotes in the first apex? Same thing happens. Boss appears, you spot them from very far away, you get close, they're not there. You move away, you see them again, they might disappear or not again. Now, this doesn't happen to everyone, while 5 people might be confused and be like "where's the boss?!?!" someone else without this problem can just come in and kill it. This is happening more and more from what I've heard. Sometimes, when you do kill a 'bugged' boss, it just stays there with 0 hp, no dead animation, no box.
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