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  1. Someone

    Omg very Serius Players on this game. ! (MeanTooBeeM

    @Darius Thank you very much friend, it would be very good with that this starts to improve many things with respect to the ApexKo community. Because it is true as happened to him, anyone could happen and I do not think anyone would happen that and with someone with such a bad personality, and although he does not see it. If in a game is like that, in real life, is it the same?
  2. Someone

    Omg very Serius Players on this game. ! (MeanTooBeeM

    @Darius And so it should be, it's good mistakes for articles that are cheap in itself, do not notice the loss and even leave it like that, I've been one of them, but things like these that take a long time to be made and gather enough gold for them, that someone takes advantage and feels proud of it and does not want to return it, does not look very good or the community of the game as the player. I just keep waiting for Joyla to tell me that the item was returned or time passes until nobody remembers this. But as they have mentioned the Gm should do something, because it is the community of the game they administer, many games have a reporting system of badly intentioned players or bad attitudes less here .. Everyone does what they want and in their Most is to hurt another player. Many other players have left for the same reasons.
  3. Someone

    Omg very Serius Players on this game. ! (MeanTooBeeM

    It is something for many players, it takes time to playing, and losing it in that way does not help in the motivation to continue.
  4. Someone

    Omg very Serius Players on this game. ! (MeanTooBeeM

    It is true, they should do something with these types of players, they only damage the gaming experience, thanks for understanding them, it is something that happens to all of us and for an item of great value like that, it is not something that can be missed.
  5. Someone

    Omg very Serius Players on this game. ! (MeanTooBeeM

    It is true, it was his mistake .. but as players we know what is right and what is not, and it is not because of lack of respect but until now experience has shown us that most Turkish players are not good at all. But thanks u a lot brother
  6. Someone

    Omg very Serius Players on this game. ! (MeanTooBeeM

    MeanTooBeeM bought gb+3 from Joyla for 450m, him confused it for sos +0, and they dont want give back the item for the money. And as u can see in photos. Insult and scam.
  7. The more I play, the more people I meet. In what way is the game enjoyed if there are only people like this hurting it? So far 90% of the Turkish players that i know are like this or worse. I just want my item back that I confused and him have refuses and not only that, but insults me? LOL