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  1. EnWordJim

    Making +0 Jewls From OLDs

    is this even possible or am i dreaming it up and if so how would u do this? Cheers
  2. EnWordJim

    Genie Buffer

    When you are buffing with genie! it sometimes will just select someone who was previously buffed and cast failed spam the buffs on them again, and heal dead targets. And it wont recognise that Buff scrolls or other buffs are on the player. Susan
  3. EnWordJim

    Kurian or Portu

    Do you have energy problems cos back on release energy wasnt implamented so u could cast still at 0 energy but now it there so u have to rotate like 1234215 skills for it to work.
  4. EnWordJim

    Kurian or Portu

    How are these performing in the beta, i haven't had the time to check them out. Are they in the game like they were for release or are they in after they got changed in USKO? Any info would be mucho appreciated. Susan
  5. EnWordJim

    MC for Fun

    Hey, Before i try and it launches im curious to know if you are able to MC multiple chars for genie so u can make parties easier and wondering if that would be allowed? Thanks for the quick response in advance.