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  1. Xianji

    Cant open game

    Uninstall the entire game, remove everything. Turn off antivirus and firewall, redownload the game. That fixed it for me and my friend.
  2. Pretty sure these puppies do not drop "Horn of Comprehension" for the quest "Fallen Angel". Maybe not so much of a bug, rather the absence of the right loot table. Killed about 50 of them, no horn.
  3. Xianji

    Upgrade Bug?

    I'm pretty sure you can upgrade personal weapons on this beta, much like you can farm your own items(for example raptor +1) and upgrade it. People have infinite trinas/tears of karivdis so it's not too hard to get a +8. As for the shell, it's either the same thing as above or you're mistaking "chitin" for "chitin shell". The chitins are +8, shells are +7.
  4. I can only respond on the mage thing, this has been a thing for years, my dude. Mages have always been amazing against unorganized people. There's no need to nerf them.
  5. Does that mean that we're able to switch between EXP/WAR/DC premium at any point in time, as long as the premium is active?
  6. Covid lmfao Best of luck to you all, stay safe.
  7. Mage parties have and will always be destroyed by archer parties, level cap doesn't matter. I don't care if it's 70 or 83, I'll try it out anyway and see how it goes.
  8. Xianji

    c.bow +11 ^^ ARGHH!!

    Nice man, gotta make use of those +8s, eh?
  9. @Ronnen, I tend to agree. Archers also makes their life difficult.
  10. Nah. While I agree with you that a relaunch would be better, I still think this is a massive improvement. Many people burned their uniques already.
  11. Thanks, but no thanks. Not going back to USKO. Never met one skilled enemy during my stay there. Gear>skill mentality there.
  12. You did it, guys. Mining/fishing was nerfed and as a result of that + a clever choice of balancing the factions out, CZ is now more active than ever. I see more merchants and the server is growing in popularity. I wish your server the best of luck, and I will thoroughly enjoy my stay here.
  13. Xianji


    Now this is just disingenuous at best. No one is saying that a relaunch alone would fix things, it's a relaunch plus solving the problems. I 100% agree that a relaunch and nothing else touched would fail even more than the current run this server has, but if they listen to their community and fix the problems with the server it'll almost have to be relaunched unless it's handled very well.
  14. Xianji


    I don't know. I'm an adaptive person, but not everyone works like me. I want a fun active server with a healthy economy, and if the server is only pulling in this many people then I worry for its future. Hopefully the owners will listen to their community and act accordingly.
  15. I don't think you read my entire post. I'm aware that you cannot upgrade old accessories beyond +0(counting aside the turning it into a normal one, which is fine). The problem of old uniques exist on USKO as well, and I think it's just as bad. That's why I included "(I'm slightly torn on how to feel about this myself)".
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