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  1. Odess


    Gm let die apexko it's bad because it's great server
  2. We see again 15players in cz how can we pk?
  3. Odess


    Hey guys I don't know if good idea but why don't open bifrost and get some new dropp. It can give new life on game because all day more people leave server. It's very bad to pk now we need new idea to take people back to server.
  4. Odess

    Buy Karus :D

    We need some new player or game will continu to die. I will by some kc to by holy knight set +8, but I don't do it because of this dead game 😕
  5. Hello I look trade my aztec faun+11 for aztec fulitol+11
  6. HI I sell holy+7 helmet pauldron pad and gauntlet+8. All for 2200kc and gab adamant+8 holy animore+11 for 2000kc
  7. Odess


    Selling: -gab adamant+8 (1300kc) -holy animore+11 (800kc) -dual rol+3 (Sold) -draki dex sss (Sold) -mythrill ser+11 (800kc) -priest holy gauntlet+8 (1800kc) -priest holy+7 helmet, pauldron, pad (200kc each part) Buying : -aztec gold fulitol+11 -dual lkp+3 -holy knight mage part +7/+8 Thx to pm me here or in game ImKimboooooo
  8. Also I looking to buy this 2 part holy priest+7 gauntlet and boot. I give 200kc each part or 12gb if need gb. And I looking to buy draki int sss I pay 600kc. I sell my thrill set+11 for (1000kc) and draki dex sss for (800kc) Thx
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