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  1. Welcome to ApexKo lets cheat scam change the ip etc. In the end we are all virtual characters
  2. Yep by spamming you might achieve a response from someone in charge thats the only way to get seen. Keep it up. But dpubt you will get a response
  3. I asked all three things before you can see in my previous posts. Owners never listen or are lazy/busy to change that matter. Trolls
  4. I found apex through voting sites. Seems it works? Or im old fashioned?
  5. For those who are jelous of Boom having a hot wife. S> somali woman
  6. the intention of this is that mages should be like assasins, you cannot be spotted casting. Tell me where mages are strong?
  7. I think its that he sells chaos baal and 42k kc?

    Meme wars

    https://ibb.co/ffYqaQ Nice to meet you

    Meme wars

    This is my favourite topic by far https://ibb.co/fQ75s5

    Meme wars

    What do you mean? You couldnt upload a second one? Oh i get it it sucks.
  11. But you can kill majority of people? Its not like mages should rule them all?
  12. If you do it very well in really nice set up you can still own everybody. Like argents did for a while. But that involves actually being good on mage and have 150iq commander. 2 mages pts are ofc a good idea as then noone will actually come close to you so free np for you.
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