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  1. How did you figure out that everyone who disagree use macro is beyond me... You really need to log starter mage to see what the stun rate and dmg is like from that perspective. I did and because of that I think I can give a reasonable input to this conversation. The stun rate may seem to be a bit higher at first sight but if you log mage and see what dmg you need to take, especially from dual TS sins then stun rate is no use. I play mostly sin and I see how fast I can drop a mage unless he will blink away. Also dmg from mage has been increased a bit which may be the reason why stun annoys people more. Bottom line, if you want to see some mages pking in cz then it would be better to leave it like this. If you dont (which im sure its OPs intention) then lower it. @RuneKingThor, nice input and remarkable post like from your other account. #apexfamily
  2. Pked today something around 3-4 hours, also vs mages and got stunned maybe several times, from archers maybe few times. It didnt bother me at all. KissOfNeo you are still the king of retarded complaints. You know you can ask some mage to come arena and check the rates but instead you come forum and cry like a god damn retard saying that rates are 99%... Also not true that theres no def against getting stunned. You kill the mage whos attaking you - simple. If you play priest and your melees dont know how to kill a mage then you should switch to tetris.
  3. trade all for Ratptor +9?
  4. People focusing more on author of this guide than on the guide itself, its sad becuase all this is really basic and obvious for someone whos got a brain. Still, 90% of apex community does not follow most of these tips.
  5. +1, no idea why that was changed, if the skill says it drains 10% then its 10%, not some random low number.. Most of the drops from ultima or felankor go to the pt with 3pri 5war who bash it for 10-15min. If not for the box (which becomes useless btw) other parties wouldnt even touch big mobs.
  6. This, pretty much you can blink into the river side. Im sure KTC did it accidentally seeing that he had free nps on the other side waiting for them.
  7. You need also NCS, Raiden bad name for warriorn :s
  8. What newbies? There are none and with the current state of server new players wont join anytime soon. (or ever)
  9. Then you need to do the same? Are you 5?
  10. wtf are you talking here about? The fact that you try to kick a guy that you simply dont like by pming random people and asking them to follow you in your stupidity is incredibly lame. This situation really needs gm attention just to make clear that kicking players from events for no reason should not be tolerated.
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