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  1. Tukeiýi

    OhMyGodLEGION PK Moive

    r.i.p tuke fak full items+11 everyone and i was with int set for sure :Dd
  2. Tukeiýi

    Meme wars

    Hahaha nice pictures ! mike and coldmaster pretty geegee ! my fan boys
  3. Tukeiýi

    TukeOwnz Buying

    up up
  4. Tukeiýi

    TukeOwnz Buying

  5. Tukeiýi

    TukeOwnz Buying

    Buying fully mage items ! pm me ingame " TukeOwnz " or here np.
  6. Tukeiýi

    Marvellous taiwan range

    They are not going do anything if they ban this after they have to ban whole ohmygodlegion clan / crazytime etc and that means = rip apexko :/
  7. Tukeiýi

    B >Dragon Scale set +9

    maybe pm teramvepra ?
  8. Tukeiýi

    [DJ Buyings Temple] ~ Looking for sin items

    smells getting poor offers
  9. Tukeiýi

    7o7o7 clan range

    haha +1 once me and trueidol are same opinion and you guys should know they cant ban them because after comes " R.i.p apexko" try live with that !
  10. Tukeiýi


    iýi mikeler we need big monster here again
  11. Tukeiýi

    Harzi Selling / Buying List

    https://apexko.com/character/Harzi + ( 1x ets+11 ) Earrings not for sell Looking Warrior Items ! Pm ingame Harzi or TukeOwnz iýi
  12. Tukeiýi

    Bosphorus vs HandsOnBoobs - RARE FOOTAGE (lol)

    Rip tuke
  13. Tukeiýi

    AfterMath Csw pk video (Apexko)

    Hey nice video ! miracle happened not 3x priest cheers!
  14. Tukeiýi

    Harzi Selling