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  1. Killa

    Ability to create new content in game?!

    It's entirely possible to create new zone's / Cities etc, The problem is you have to do so within the restraint's of the client It's entirely possible to create new model's and things just would take massive amounts of time. It's also possible to create new events / "Raid Instances" etc, But those things would be low priority in preparation for other things There's lots of KO Content that has just not been properly released ( EVEN BY USKO!, Check how they are JUST NOW updating their Bifrost to be open again! lol!). But Yeah, There's a LOT of things that can be done using the server file's they have made. Imagine it like this, With most KO's They have the old server file's which are already compiled, meaning they have to do assembly patches and things to make them "work" (Think of it like downloading skype) Now, Imagine how long it would take someone to Fix skype by Assembly to make it so that you can also message people on Yahoo and Facebook. Would be pretty tough, However with the Source Code (Uncompiled not exe but basically text files!) They can write pure code (Not Assembly code) And do so efficiently and create / fix problems that may come up. That's why a lot of the stuff that's even broken in usko is fixed here
  2. Killa

    Gift option on PUS

    The "Tradeable after x" Is not something that is actually There, Things from PUS are tradeable instantly (I.e Vouchers / Premiums etc )
  3. Killa

    Minin Fishin FARM SPOT

    There are good farm spots in CZ Already, it's just the drop's there may need to be tweaked a little!
  4. Killa

    BPs AP

    Double posted.
  5. Killa

    BPs AP

    What Level are you?.. Mirage Sword (And Other 2H Swords for that matter) Only actually Do "Decent" Damage when you are a Mastered Level 60+ Priest, And it has -ALWAYS- Been this way in Live / USKO. Battle Priest's should always use a 2h mace (Totamatic club / HB / II / Etc) Until level 60 and they are Mastered, then 2H Sword damage scales up after the master quest.
  6. Killa

    Is there any information of skill quests?

    Here's a list of the skill's and what you need for them!
  7. The Monster stone's thing is fine as well, Go to USKO and you have the Old Unique's the -same- as they are here.. anyone and there brother can do Monster Stone's all day and get the gear from them.. But remember they don't go three old = old +1, It's teh crappy crappy process of (lots of luck required) turning 3 olds into 1 normal.
  8. Killa

    Caretaker - Karus - English Clan

    Yay! Can't wait to have a bunch of good gun friends back and running!
  9. Looking for more friend's who've been around the game for a long time, Caretaker is looking for fun active member's to tackle anything thrown our way Get at me ( Killa ) ingame.