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  1. Hopefully Aesteris can give input on this topic as soon as possible. Whatever suggestions that are reasonable I'll edit the OP of this so it's easier kept up with.
  2. Thanks for the reply @twostars happy to see you guys will be on top of things. Obviously like I sad I know the host swap is a def priority right now. Either way I'd like to see what Aesteris has to say about most of this since I know hes the main one who handles in-game balance. Also @Melody I made a topic earlier reporting the blink bug. I'm not sure if it happens more often when used with instant magic or not, it probably does, but I've noticed it bugs out wayyy too often. Edit : I know slows/stuns comes out to be RNG more than anything twoey but I can most certainly say that the lower ones *def* seem to be doing it more often. Maybe it's just pure RNG at this point but to me it feels that way. It's a difficult thing to test for sure.
  3. I'm not entirely sure if you're aware of these issues or not... but they're fairly annoying when playing, it's actually caused me to die a few times. Sometimes Blink will just completely fail. The cooldown will load but the skill will not go through. Sometimes it will also cast like I'm casting swift or something in which it's not supposed to do that lol. Blink is supposed to be 100% working always so something is certainly going on with the skill. If I ever catch it on recording you will see what I mean. TP skill also randomly fails. It usually happens when for whatever reason the client decides to cast the skill super fast. Sometimes it will just fail completely for no reason. I've noticed that the client will cast other skills super fast too and then they will fail. Either way, if you guys need video evidence for the Blink I can try and see if it will happen when I'm recording or something. Def needs checked into though as soon as possible because I have a strong feeling that other classes skills are failing often too.
  4. First of all, no, this is not the case. Mage is broken. I'm a mage main, and I can whole heartedly say the class is broken. Anyone who says otherwise, plays in mage parties, simple as that.
  5. Most of this in-game stuff is more for Aesteris just saying. Twoey has always been the security/bug/web development person. So until Aesteris replies to this topic we can't say yet what will happen.
  6. Lol they clearly have to do something @BooRinG otherwise people are gonna start going really inactive or leaving. I've been away from KO for over 3 years and have been pretty hyped to play but now I'm starting to get annoyed again and remembering why I left to begin with. Obviously changing hosts right now is a priority because the lag spikes and stuff are really irritating at events. After they do that, in-game balance needs worked on, 100%. From what I know Aesteris is the one that handles that stuff so I'm curious to what he has to say regarding all this. I def won't be happy if these ideas are just shut down. It's clearly an issue when I've saw countless other people complaining about the same things.
  7. Whats wrong with having a trial run to see how it works? No sense in shutting down ideas without trying stuff out. There is literally no harm in testing things to see how it works.
  8. I've never understood why the concept is "make everything exactly like USKO or at least "HIGHLY SIMILAR." Twoey/Aesteris. Every veteran of KO knows that USKO fucking sucks. We all play private servers because it's a different experience. You guys could have so many more players if you'd stop trying to make everything exactly like USKO. Yes, you can make things SOMEWHAT SIMILAR but there is no sense in copying it 100%. Trust me on this.
  9. Adding Undying scrolls might actually help balance a lot of things out considering health pools are a huge problem here. The health pools do not match up well with the item cap.
  10. It honestly seems like a lot of the lower level skills have always stunned/slowed more than the higher ones. That has been the case for various servers I've played on, including official KO. Solid/Frostbite are the key slowing spells, and they key stunning spells apart from the lightning novas are lightning, counter spell, charge, and thunder. These seems to have a better stun rate than stun cloud which is a level 70 skill. Also for everyone disagreeing with what I said about mage damages, please, you're completely in denial and most likely part of the mage clans. You know damn well fire mage novas are ridiculous on here. I also suggest removing the ability to use TS during war times. This is another broken feature that should be disabled. If you're wondering why twoey, TS gives mages the ability to cast spells 2 or 3 times faster since it literally cancels animation. (Same thing applies to priests) I also suggest adding a small cooldown to TP scrolls or increasing the price of TP scrolls in Sundries. Nobody even cares about having mages in war because you can simply use tp scrolls constantly lmao. If you want video evidence twoey of how much faster TS is compared to normal casting, you'll understand why this should be disabled. It's basically like tbling lmfao. Sure its an official feature, but it completely breaks wars and gives priests/mages a much faster cast rate. But yeah honestly please, just stop being in denial. You guys know damn well mage parties are ridiculously overpowered here. I'm a mage main and I'd be ashamed to play mage parties with how broken they are.
  11. Yes, mages nova for that amount of damage. Are you part of a mage clan by any chance?
  12. First off before we get into this topic I'm well aware not everyone is going to agree. I'm well aware that people are going to hate and think that some of what I'm about to say is horse shit. For those that don't know me, I've been around the KO private server scene since 2008. Ive lead MyNameIs since 2009 and was apart of many PK servers. I helped twostars and Aesteris on ApexKO Farm beta/official with balancing things and finding various bugs/glitches in-game at the time. The things I'm about to go over with you guys in this topic is suggestions that myself and others have been talking about over the past few days. We feel that these changes would help out the server a lot. Some of them are honestly very well needed. Events Forgotten Temple - This event is basically pointless. Blue / Green Treasure chest is essentially useless now apart from maybe Hanguk Sword / Scorpion side. Very very very few people go to FT. This is an event I used to love doing back in the day. The reward for winning it should be a tears that expires after 24 hours or something. Maybe even more than 1 chest, increase the chest reward to 3 or higher, and make a custom achievement to give a small boost in stats for a certain amount of wins. Chaos - This is another event that is fun. Once again the reward system is trash with it as well. I don't really have much of an idea of what you could do to increase the amount of people joining it. Theres already free tears if you complete chaos enough times. I think the problem is there needs to be more wing rewards for it. Once again like FT, you could make custom achievements to give a small boost in stats for a certain amount of wins. Ultima Event - This event is literally made for rogues currently. Please remove the damn drain effect on it. The same thing applies to Felankor. Rogues get the drops on these bosses almost every single time. I also think it is a horrible idea having Ultima be one of the main sources of farming items here. You have all these clans stacking on one nation to farm ultima easier. BDW - BDW on here is one of the sloppiest events you guys have. Literally 8/10 times you will go in, people will die one time, and they will leave. I suggest removing the ability to leave BDW without paying a price. The problem is if you remove the NPC people can just close the client out. Either way, if they leave BDW so soon, they should have a penalty of losing NP's or something. I can understand allowing them to leave 10-15 minutes into it, but I've been in so many parties where we could of won and the dudes die one time, rage, and leave. Not to mention the gear difference makes such a huge difference too in 8v8. I feel like it'd be a good idea to put gear dispensers or something inside BDW that only let you use that gear during BDW, or it automatically gets removed after BDW ends. Currently BDW is way too much RNG of getting teammates who actually have a brain or who actually have "ok" gear. Juraid - Juraid isnt THAT bad except for once again it's extremely RNG. Why is it RNG? Because if your party doesn't have mostly warriors than you are guaranteed to lose REGARDLESS if you could of beat them at Deva. Why is this? Because deva dies too damn fast! The HP needs increased. The HP it has now would work on a server with +8/+0 but Apex is +9/+3. It literally DIES too fast. Sometimes I've been in a party, we are moving so damn fast. I blink to TP my party ahead as fast as possible and we STILL lose because Deva just simply dies too damn fast when we probably could of won at the deva room. Class Balance Mages - Please don't even get me started on how ridiculously broken mages are here. As a person who has played mage since 2007, I can whole heartedly say that on ApexKO mage damage is the HIGHEST out of ANY server I've played. It makes NO sense that mages are dropping 3 to 4.5k novas. A lighting mage should be novaing 1.3 to 1.5k max, a fire mage should nova 2 to 2.5k max and a ice mage should nova slightly higher than a lightning mage. I know every single "mage main" (aka the 1 2 3 GO CLICK NOVA SUCH SKILL MUCH WOW) will be completely against me saying that mages are broken. It's not even just the novas either. The fucking 80 / 70 fire skill hits SO damn hard. It should be hitting 1.2k MAX. I took starter mage gear and was dropping near 3k novas, hitting 2.5k with 80 fire skill, and spamming almost 1.3k+ with fire staff... completely ridiculous. I can also say that level 18 solid skill has a stupid slow rate too. It practically works 100% of the time. So yes, as a TRUE MAGE MAIN I can say the class is broken. Keep in mind a lot of people have high resistances, and STILL get hit hard as hell. Warriors - Don't think I wasn't gonna say something about how broken warriors are too. Warriors spam almost 1.5k. 1.5K GUYS. THAT IS RIDICULOUS. They are the tankiest class, have insane HP, and spam 1.5k+ with the top gear. I don't know about you but if that doesn't scream broken, what does? Priest - Poor BP's. Poor poor bps. Completely useless here. You are losing out on a lot of players by making one class essentially useless. I'm not that experienced of a BP player but I can whole heartedly say that if you don't have full +9 or higher/+3 you ain't gonna do shit here. What happened to the days when BP's could actually do shit by using a sword or hell breaker instead of having to use x2 leonards +11... Archers - Archers are right on par with being as broken as mages. Getting hit 1k+ spam with 70 skill, 3 to 4K+ with power shot/blind shot AND you can arrow shower spam. Yeah, completely broken. Kurians - Delete them from the game. Just joking, but their dot damage is completely stupid too. I don't have much to say on how you could balance these but they dot for TONS of damage. 2 or 3 kurians can practically dot kill 6+ people easily. General Stuff Nation Transfer - This is something that NEEDS CHANGED AS SOON AS POSSIBLE. I'M SOOO over seeing the same clans hop back and forth. Please increase the damn cooldown to 1 week+ or charge more for doing it. I'm not naming any names but they know who they are. The same clans stack on one nation constantly. They literally do it so they can get items and nps easier. That's the exact reason they do it. Farming - Currently the only thing to farm is coins and bus in CZ. Please consider adding other locations in CZ to farm for stuff. I don't know how everyone would feel about this, but I think having some things drop at +1 to be upgraded would not be a bad thing. Literally this servers farm concept is exchange shit, and kill ultima. Thats basically it. It's really tough for new players to get anywhere with how hard the anvil rates are. Giving more options to get stuff is never a bad thing, regardless if you make it difficult to obtain or not. Wars - Please add blue pots for support classes. Why is there red pots but no blue pots...? In all honesty the server isn't in HORRIBLE shape but theres a lot of things that should be improved. I will update this topic overtime if I think of anything else. Other people feel free to add to it.
  13. You should rejoin MNI Chronicle. You were with us before. Just contact me or one of the assists in-game, we're orc atm.
  14. Give me +11/+3 and I'll show you who is boss. This server is extremely gear dependent. Either way, I PK basically with starter stuff and outdo most people on this server. Theres also certainly no way in hell telling who is the "best melee" or "best mp mage" on this server. The gap between starter items and people who babashopped or have played for ages, is way too much. Fully baba'd warriors spam 1.5-1.8k and tank like a boss. Fully baba'd rogues hit 2.5-3k. Fully baba'd mages nova 3.5-4k. And don't even get me started on how broken Kurians are, esp with high end gear.
  15. Lmfao... good times, good times heh. All these new players haven't saw what MNI is capable of if we get all of our old players.
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