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  1. I want to know, how many nps do I need to downl the acredited grades and Royal
  2. to place the nation transfer with high price would be an option , the other option would be, the GM to invite some clan to change of nation with the intention of balance
  3. should have a control of the nation transfer, example once a week why every time a strong clan changes nation, 70% of the server also changes, all week there were 60 humans in the bow against 6/10 orc, pk was ridiculous this week
  4. I understand the following, the idea and that all classes are good enough (balanced) this has not been respected in apexko. to 27 months playing porut he already had his power reduced 3 times, you do not let me forget it, even then I did not change class, apexko has a lot of quality because it does not make it even better for everyone
  5. first no one is going to forgothen temple, so it would be ideal to facilitate this second if you will make mages more and more strong it will not be possible to play in that serve third the poruts each day are weaker, the personal skill hits less and less and the idea of you and that all play mages?
  6. https://prnt.sc/kts1zq https://prnt.sc/kts39t
  7. here in Brazil my friends and I are very lag, as soon as we approach other players, 80% of Brazilians are lagged This has already been about 6 hours, and it has not improved.
  8. I always go in the draki tower, today I was with 10 certificate of draki, after I entered I realized that the 10 certificates were gone once I would like to be reimbursed... character DonnyDonowitz or Ageuvk
  9. buy warrior krowas paldron +11 = 15k kc pure kc buy warrior krowas paldron +11 = 15k kc pure kc pm ageuvk or donnydonowitz
  10. buy warrior krowas paldron +11 = 15k kc pure kc
  11. s> krowas warrior +11 set =95k kc . or offer me rofs+3 chaos ball +11 set priest +11 adamant+11 pm Ageuvk or DonnyDonowitz
  12. s> set warrior krowas+11 + chaos wirinon+11 pm ageuVK or DonnyDonnowitz
  13. PM ageuvk/ DonnyDonowitz s> chaos wirinon+11 i m look for rof+3 +kc or warrior krowas pads +11+kc
  14. ageu1000

    Oreads voucher

    Hello ! I bought 2 times by mistake the auto loot, I was buying kc, not to mention that happen to several people, you could help me, I would like to have my kc returned 1x on nick name DonnyDonowitz 1x on Ageuvk same acont
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