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    Rougean got a reaction from red123 in Bifrost ? Holy Kniht Armor ? Need New Farm Slot ?   
    Collection races for certian expirable items would be cool. 

    Like every evening have an event where you have to kill x amount of enemies, x amount of certain mobs in cz etc. And you'll get 5 undy scrolls (or something similar) that expires x amount of days later.
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    Rougean reacted to BroOk in Bifrost ? Holy Kniht Armor ? Need New Farm Slot ?   
    nowdays cz is dead all day and so bored. just few minuts  PK on ultima time then all off again.
    pk is so unbalacend. rogues still fail alot skills. warrior dmg not really seems like official. this just a mage server which is good imo but also give the same power other classes.
    priest on this server are so tanky weak them abit kinda bored to fight against 3 priest 5 warrior partys...
    0 events during the day ?
    why dont u make deathmatch even? at least some pk all vs all .. sad server is diying ..
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    Rougean reacted to red123 in Bifrost ? Holy Kniht Armor ? Need New Farm Slot ?   
    we need new quests, new events, new rewards and some active GMs who have experience playing knight online!
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    Rougean got a reaction from Chayni in CSW by Eden || Melody #ApexKO   
    Or how bad priests are at healing 😉
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    Rougean reacted to Aesteris in [Announcement] Castle Siege War timing (2 December onwards)   
    Dear players,
    We'll be trialing a different timing for Castle Siege War than usual in an attempt to accommodate more players to attend (and ultimately, increase the enjoyability!)
    The time we're looking at is 14:00 Amsterdam time (16:00 Turkey, 21:00 China, 23:00 Australia, 09:00 Peru, 12:00 Brazil).
    We're hopeful for a greater turnout than usual (and our analysis of you guys' playing behavior seems to indicate we'll be able to do just that!), so please make a reminder to yourselves - time for Castle Siege War on December 2nd is earlier than usual.
    We can't wait to see the amazing action that'll unfold.
    NOTE: Today's Castle Siege War will still be ran at the old timings
    Have fun!
    The Apex KO team
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    Rougean reacted to IIIAmJohnWick in Post-Halloween Event Decision   
    @[email protected],
    Given the success of the recent Halloween event with the introduction of the items such as duration pot/ undy sc/ red pot/ blue pot and the past poll with majority giving a yes to the addition of these items, what is the current process in terms of implementing these items in-game for the general player base?
    Furthermore, a good addition to boost this would be to create more incentive in-game for players such as re-introducing farming with a spark such as Bifrost. I understand a lot of players seek to resume farming holy armor and that's okay but perhaps create a small mob or fragment of xxxx amount enable a voucher for players to try out dragon weapons. From here, potentially creating more venue to change anvil rates for krowaz weapons to 14 REB perhaps (just a thought, not necessarily encouraging this).
    Sincerely thank you for all your hard work and consideration, the Halloween event was amazing and I and a lot of the players really enjoyed it.
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    Rougean reacted to twostars in [Maintenance update] Server is back online!   
    Hey guys,
    The maintenance is finally over and the server's back online on a new dedicated server with our new provider.
    Without the disk I/O issues, a lot of the lag we were experience should be completely gone now, and the shift back should also reduce the ping for many players.
    By way of apology, players who login in the next 2 weeks (once per account) will receive:
     - 1 x Cospre set [5 days] (includes armor, helmet, Pathos Gloves x 2, Hellfire wings)
     - 7 days of Switching premium
    Note that these will be sent to the first character that logs in, however once logged in you can exchange the vouchers and then transfer them to one of your alts on the same account.
    Additionally, as we know that UTC is something that everyone looks forward to, we've rescheduled UTC for Bifrost time (only for today). This is in an hour from this post.
    Once again, thanks to everyone for sticking it out with us. It's been a rough ride.
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    Rougean reacted to Chayni in CSW by Eden || Melody #ApexKO   
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    Rougean reacted to Patrick in Ultma Event About   
    Crying babies are so hard to ignore. LMAO. Why don't you make a party and kill that Ultima? Pretty sure opposite nation will try to stop you and "Welcome to PK!". If anyone need PK in ApexKO, THEN try to kill Ultima who lived! It solves most problems in ApexKO, doesn't it? If there are not enough count of players, then you already do not deserve those rewards. 
    I liked this much more! Thanks to ApexKO Team.
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    Rougean reacted to red123 in Nerfing drain was a bad idea?   
    The first Ultima I reported wasn't killed because so many drainers were on I guess Now people loging their real chars and indeed pk is better and Ultima does get killed. The other day Humans ksed 3 pts of ORCS that was fun ^^
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    Rougean reacted to IIIAmJohnWick in Nerfing drain was a bad idea?   
    YESSSS !
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    Rougean reacted to twostars in TS & Stun & Slow   
    I implemented diminishing returns to these in today's patch. We'll probably be tweaking it slightly, but for the most part it should make a noticeable difference to consecutive hits.
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    Rougean reacted to twostars in TS & Stun & Slow   
    Yes, I'll be looking into it but I assume right now it's just a visual inconsistency. We've had to balance the responsiveness of movement a little with performance, as the client is very inefficient with how it handles movement updates, so movement/positioning is slightly (0.2s) less responsive than it was before, however it ultimately performs much, much better in larger scales (e.g. with UTC), so I'm fairly happy with it as it is. It's still 300% as responsive than it is officially, so for now - until I can spend the time fully optimising movement update logic - it's a much more performant middle-ground which doesn't cause the extra stuttering lag people were experiencing.
    I'll check its range though, just to make sure it's not doing anything wacky like Blow Arrow was at one point.
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    Rougean reacted to IIIAmJohnWick in Well Needed Suggestions   
    Very good dialogue. I like this. Thank you @twostars for explaining. @Aesteris What is plan in terms of undy/duration/redpot/blue pot? I recall you made a post earlier regarding its entry in-game as experational items during a test phase of sorts.
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    Rougean reacted to twostars in Ultima Time Mayhem Crazyness (Drainer Issue)   
    The problem with disabling them entirely is that it then gives the skill no purpose, so I don't think this is an ideal solution to this problem.
    Rather, I'm considering doing something like enforcing what it says on the tooltip ('can only use once every 60 seconds') on a per-mob basis (i.e. one drain allowed on this monster from anyone every [for example] minute), rather than on a player basis, allowing the use of drains but greatly limiting their use. That still gives drains value (it is still a lot of HP they're chunking them for) but prevents players from going overboard with it.
    Not sure if we will do that, but it's an idea.
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    Rougean reacted to IIIAmJohnWick in Ultima Time Mayhem Crazyness (Drainer Issue)   
    During Ultima Event and Felankor Event there always has been a series of rogue assassin drainer parties that come in and swoop kill the boss within a matter minutes. Before anyone can sometimes even go from town to bowl or 6 or 12 of cz and reach ultima its dead and more times than none the drops such as felankor ring +1, trinas peices, glass belts and etc go to assassin parties who are clearly the alt char of someone else's main account.
    Take for instance exhibit A below :

    (ITS A F****** ASSASSIN WEARING A JAMADAR FOR RANGE AND AEGIS SHIELD FOR DEF/STATS WTF?????? ) There were atleast 10 on tonight at ultima time. just getting tp'd by 1 mage and constantly throwing drains on ultima. Apparently they all have the same clan -> BooSHunTer (Epic Trolling FTW )
    This is a seriously bad way to kill pk during major bossess such as Ultima and especially Felankor.
    My solution is quite simple and yet effective. Remove the drain effect from utlima and felankor (similar to how it is with the UTC BOSSES )
    enabling 1) Ultima/Felankor to surviving longer in cz = more pk time and more opportunity for other players to get the quest done.
    2) it will promote more activity in cz this way and enable that activity to stay longer = longer pk session = making everyone happy.
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    Rougean reacted to twostars in Can you put the normal server to let it not be lagged? it only affects Latinos you can not play   
    As stated in other threads, we will be shifting providers again shortly to try to alleviate these issues.
    Closing this thread.
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    Rougean got a reaction from IIIAmJohnWick in Well Needed Suggestions   
    Never seen a 4k nova (or anything close to it), are you sure it is correct? 
    Also I don't believe warriors are too strong atm, however sins could use a boost
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    Rougean reacted to twostars in Well Needed Suggestions   
    People seem to think that getting some resistance gear means they should never be stunned/slowed. It reduces the rate, but there's always a chance.
    By design the rates are intended to be less effective the lower their skill's level is (i.e. 'solid' being as effective as it is -- but note: it's not in fact 100%. With no resistances, it was only ~35% for me when testing)., however I suspect with mgame's changes that's not playing into it as well as it used to, so it's something I will look at to be sure. Obviously, with more available attempts (coupled with mage parties) the chance for a skill to stun/slow you is increased, but again - resistances (ice resistance for slows, lightning resistance for stuns) do help out a lot more than people realise.
    Crippling the lower level skills that can stun/slow you should help rectify this (as it appears that this plays into it somewhat), but we'll add some logging in the next restart & eventually sift through the stun/slow data at the end of the week to be sure that's where people's complaints really lie.
    Complaining that resistances are broken (they're not) or the stun/slow rate is just 100% (again, it's not) doesn't help anyone. Instead, making special note of which circumstances lead to being slowed/stunned helps to actually pinpoint the root of the complaints (mage party involved? how much resistances did you actually have? any skills in particular or are we just talking about novas? etc).
    Naturally, as there's not really been any sufficient reports on it thus far, from our end it all seems fine (algorithms match official, data matches official, individual stun/slow rates match rates we've obtained from official testing), hence our lack of action regarding it. So instead, as said, we'll be collecting this data for ourselves to be sure.
    mgame really doesn't use any sort of internal cooldown or diminishing returns system for these things, so if the rates work on an individual basis (which they thus far appear to), it should be fine (at least, as compared to the official server).
    I have considered implementing some sort of diminishing returns on them though, but again that would be unofficial - rates should be behaving exactly the same on USKO as they do here, so I don't really see the reason for the complaints. How many of you actually play USKO? If it's working differently there, I'd very much like to see evidence of that, because it all matches up perfectly with ours.
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    Rougean reacted to Krischeriko in Well Needed Suggestions   
    lol have u ever seen a nova damage around this amounts 2-2.5k uh? i have all mage items and my meteor is hitting max 1.3k-1.4k damage. let's do a simple math operation; the max. nova damage is 1.4k and 1x mage party has 7 mage: 1.4k(it'is so hard)x7=9,8k damage   a warrior or priest has minimum 12k hp, so how come u call ''it is highest damage''. Yes the magicians can hit 2.5k damage with 80 skills to only full ap rogue when they are full ap without any resist. In additional the absolute power skill and minor resist is not working also. You did not mention a major subject about mage, this is lr ice stun. This is really much. Damages are normal but lr and ice stun is highest.
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    Rougean reacted to MyBerserker in Well Needed Suggestions   
    3-4.5k novas....what?
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    Rougean reacted to twostars in Patch notes (24/08/2018)   
    [Hotfixed] Fixed a bug (as a direct result of the last patch) causing R attacks to fail for many weapons. [Hotfixed] Fixed a bug causing Unupgradable (Hepa & Rosetta) items to be upgradable. [Hotfixed] Fixed several items no longer being able to be upgraded/compounded: Ring of Felankor Bow Wood Staff Shield of <selfname> (normal & reverse) Eagle's Eye (normal & reverse) Gab's Blessing (reverse) Chitin Shield (normal & reverse) Syphioric (normal & reverse) All Hepa's weapons (reverse) Javana Axe (normal) Warrior Pendant Defender of the Lord (reverse) Fixed a bug causing Chaos Dungeon skills (and some other special skills) to not apply their secondary debuff components (stuns/slows). Fixed a bug causing transformations to fail. Improved server-side send queue behaviour to help alleviate lag issues. This is mostly a trade-off at this point; instead of guaranteeing you'll (eventually) receive every notification, you're now only guaranteed to do so for a short while. After that we'll start dropping packets so that when your lag issues subside, the client isn't overwhelmed and has a chance to catch up. Obviously this isn't ideal, but it's just an unfortunate consequence of having a laggy connection -- at least this way it should recover better. Added client-side exception logging. If (or when) the client does crash, it will now dump relevant data in exception_log.txt (in your ApexKO folder). It is recommended (and in fact the client will tell you to do so) to send me (twostars) the contents of this file so that I'm able to fix the crash for a future patch. Added extensive server-side logging behaviour for client crashes. If you crash, it'll tell us what happened immediately prior to crashing, so we're better able to investigate such issues. [Twilight Knight Guard] Martin can now be found in Moradon for easier access to Under the Castle box exchanges. [Hotfixed] Mace of <selfname> can now be upgraded.
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    Rougean reacted to Vivaldi in #BringTheMagesBack - Feedback & Suggestions.   
    Hello there!
    We appreciate all of your suggestions and it's also nice to see how it can get even better when others start to pitch in!
    Now to directly adress your suggestions:
    1st suggestion) We are going to improve beginner gear when we release the UTC Expansion (which is not far);
    2nd suggestion) We won't implement blue potions to the server or provide any kind of extra "outside" bonus (aka Undying scroll). Studying the game's behaviour and history and also in talk with the admins and other GMs we came to the conclusion that we're against anything that will slow down the pace of the PK and also that paper mages shouldn't be "tanky" and sustain a lot of damage. They should instead perfom high amounts of damage enough to kill everyone if their novas are well timed but to counter that, they are and should be quite weak defense-wise. This is part of the paper mage build and the gameplay that involves playing a mage party which counts with sneaking into high crowded areas without being seen, hiding in well thought spots and attacking by surprise without letting their formation to get broken/infiltrated.
    With that being said, our approach will be to somehow (yet to be studied untill the expansion) to improve their damage, specifically for ranged skills. With this, even if they eventually get approached by short ranged melee's party they will do quite fine seeing that, mostly, they already did in the past (watching their behaviour when our server was crowded with mages) unless fighting extremely tanky parties (i. e. parties containing 3 priests);
    3rd suggestion) I agree with this but merged with BulletClub's take, NPs for items not KC. But this is a delicate feature so we'll gather and talk about it, study possible downsides and then look at ways to implement it for the expansion.
    Now I would just like to ask for everyone's patience, we will indeed adress all this mage issues but we are waiting to do it together with the UTC Expansion. Why? Because with UTC Expansion many other features will be released, exciting new ideas and events that we have created to join the server. And not only that, but with UTC Expansion everything will be detailed and advertised properly beforehand which means that we will be able to take full benefit of the changes since everyone will be aware of it.
    So stay tuned, there's much to come!
    Best regards,
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    Rougean reacted to Melody in #BringTheMagesBack - Feedback & Suggestions.   
    Hello Everyone, First of all I want to start and welcome all ApexKO players to Feedback & Suggestions about this subject.
    Any comments that are added to this topic that are not related to my topic will be ignored and are not needed, so please keep out unrelated subjects.

    As a Commander an old player of KO, since the passion came out mages basically don't have any chance agaisn't meeles that it's facts and everyone know it,
    no one can deny this, specially when they run with 3 priests. [In USKO they are even Stronger].

    As the only mage team right now on ApexKO with full geared and PUS Items we barely can stand agaisn't meeles.
    And as I said we are fully geared you can check on website: https://apexko.com/clan/17890

    Right now Mages Items are pretty cheap and kind of useless no one buy them.
    I think opening the +8 krowaz +8 cursed +3 Accessorize to gear merchant will bring mage teams back

    So my first Suggestion will be, to add 'Gear Despencer': Dual LKP+3 & EP+3 & LBOL+3 & Dual FR+3 & Mage Krowaz Set+8 & Curse Items+8.
    So even me and my team that had to buy those items and had to farm those items we support that.

    Second Suggestion would be, to add Blue Potion to Sundries for a amount of money like 1 Million since it's just for 10mins.
    or make it 30mins and then sell it for a reasonable price, again to incrase mage defense.

    Third suggestion would be, to add an NPC to exchange NPS for KC.
    Since ppl want a new start and there won't be a new server and they're already millions of NPS on the accounts.
    Like 100K NPS ~ 100KC, 500K NPS ~ 500KC and 1M NPS ~ 1K KC.
    + That would add a value to PK more and make the PVP more active.

    Eden || Melody.
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    Rougean reacted to Allanoon in S> Rons set +11rev   
    Look ur message box