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  1. Rougean

    Admin Is it safe spending our KC

    CSW today, is only 4 parties in total. I guess people are waiting for the updates (or went new server on USKO)
  2. Rougean

    Event ending NPS BUT Farm items ?

    A few different spawns inside bowl and not just around monument, should be fine. This will keep pk intense, while not letting us mages nova on the entire enemy nation at once.
  3. Rougean

    Testing out Streaming at 'Twitch'

    Can't see anything right now. Was great quality earlier.
  4. Rougean

    NP reduction & Medals

    It is nowhere near completely fair considering the amount of NPs gaind for each kill will remain the same. So a person who has 1.000.000 nps before, will now have 100.000nps, a new player with 10.000 nps will have 1.000nps. The amount of kills needed to to go from 1.000 -> 100.000 is much less than the amount needed to go from 10.000 -> 1.000.000. If it was completely fair and everything remained the same, there would be no point in reducing the NPs
  5. Rougean

    NP reduction & Medals

    I am nowhere near top ranked (got like 2.5mio Nps I think), however I don't understand what you wish to achieve by reducing the nps. No one is going to join because people now has less NPs when there still is a major difference in items etc. My suggestion is to either leave the NPs has is or change the whole server concept (full pk or relaunch) to attract new players. Simply reducing NPs will only result in losing a few players and prolly not gain any.
  6. Collection races for certian expirable items would be cool. Like every evening have an event where you have to kill x amount of enemies, x amount of certain mobs in cz etc. And you'll get 5 undy scrolls (or something similar) that expires x amount of days later.
  7. Rougean

    CSW by Eden || Melody #ApexKO

    Or how bad priests are at healing 😉
  8. Rougean

    CSW by Eden || Melody #ApexKO

    Last couple of CSW's has been really good. Lots of people. Great movie
  9. Rougean

    Ultma Event About

    We just killed felankor, 2 random parties - it is not that hard. Ultima, might be hard at night (I don't know, I never attend that one), but the one in the evening (after CSW time) always dies.
  10. Rougean

    Boss war bugged

    Not sure if the tower thing is a bug or they just didn't add that many towers
  11. Rougean

    Boss war bugged

    Seems like boss war is currently bugged. There are no bosses, chaos stones etc. Also, towers spawn very slow, so you are able to stand inside the enemy town, might want to add a few more😉
  12. Rougean

    New İtem :) Usko / Apexko Need

    Can some1 translate the turkish topic? How do you obtain these items in USKO and are they any good? xD
  13. Rougean

    TS & Stun & Slow

    1. The TS - Has always been like this on USKO and doesn't seem to be a problem there. Remember, when mages are using TS, they are not using any scrolls, so most of the time a lot them are unbuffed and with no swift. - However, I don't think mages would mind removing the TS from invasion, if it stops people complaining 24/7 about not being able to heal (eventho priest can use TS aswell) ☺️ 2. I think this is just a visual bug? Like when warriors hit you from miles away. I am not sure tho, but should be easy to check. 3. Stunrates are like they've always been. Most mage pts run with 2x light mage and when 6-7 mages all use their 45 lightning skill of course some of you are going to get stunned. That being said, I feel like I am always slowed by some damm random blizzards, but I guess it is just like TwoStars says, our own frustration that makes it seem like it is 24/7...
  14. Rougean

    Well Needed Suggestions

    Never seen a 4k nova (or anything close to it), are you sure it is correct? Also I don't believe warriors are too strong atm, however sins could use a boost