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  1. Haha
    TBE reacted to TukeOP in BattleCry human side   
    Yougotpwnd smells some kinda avoid, ill got 15m national points and getting ignored by everything what saying here. Idk who they listening then 
  2. Sad
    TBE got a reaction from ObeliskTheTormentor in Name change scroll bug pathos glove bug   
    you can try naming it OhhShit
  3. Like
    TBE got a reaction from IIIAmJohnWick in Nerfing drain was a bad idea?   
    thats good, so this clan making full sin milking ultima/felankor drop is gone now.
  4. Thanks
    TBE reacted to twostars in Patch notes (17/10/2018)   
    Drains can now only be used once per target per 60 seconds, meaning that only 1 drain can be applied to a single monster (or NPC) in that 60 seconds regardless of who is trying to use it. This intends to discourage players from forming parties specifically to abuse the effectiveness of drains (e.g. on Ultima), while still giving them value. Note that this does not apply to player targets. Fixed the remaining cause of debuffs being cured before they're applied in the client. This caused debuffs (e.g. Divide Armor) to 'stick' and not expire visually without a relog/zone change. Fixed a bug with erroneous data being sent to the client unnecessarily. Reduce batched packet delay to better line it up with movement to try to minimise movement delays. Implemented measures to prevent visual 'bounce-backs' after being teleported. Removed nation restriction for monster quest credit. This intends to discourage scenarios like players swapping to one nation to kill Ultima to ensure credit. Fixed a bug causing loot to be inaccessible when the monster's location is considered unusually higher than the player.
  5. Haha
    TBE reacted to twostars in NPT   
    Thanks for the report. I'll get right on banning us.
  6. Like
    TBE got a reaction from TukeOP in Chitin and Chitin Shell Armors Idea   
    maybe add chitin set with good amount of resistance so you wont be 3 hitted by mages
  7. Confused
    TBE got a reaction from ROAR in F***K YOU ANVIL   
    All I gotta say is F***K YOU ANVIL.
    If you have bad time in anvil post your feeling's and screen shot's here thank you for stopping by.
  8. Like
    TBE got a reaction from NerfArchersPls in Raiding.   
    Not all people do. For example this TheGangAgency they choose to raid farmers nonstop which is  easy nps  rather than going bowl and get rekt.
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