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  1. Maybe make this thing like when your party hit the bosses you also get apple even though you didn't hit it.
  2. I don't know if it's just me but every time a warrior descent on me my heal get canceled.
  3. thats good, so this clan making full sin milking ultima/felankor drop is gone now.
  4. mine work after sending crash report after game crashed.
  5. maybe lower the weight of cure potions and styx
  6. iyi math knk ben need tutor can teach me?
  7. TBE

    Blink Bug and TP Bug

    well maybe it's just me but seriously always happen on me
  8. TBE

    Blink Bug and TP Bug

    yep its bug I did instant magic and blink it work but the next blink always fail
  9. I agree with the bosses ultima and felankor to disable drain effect.
  10. maybe add chitin set with good amount of resistance so you wont be 3 hitted by mages
  11. This is a vice versa problem. You buff mage's warrior's cry, you buff warrior's mage's cry. For me all is fine except to give sin a little bit of buff.
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