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  1. yokbrainkanka


    very much doubt he wud hack he hardly knows how to play
  2. yokbrainkanka

    Remove Holy Knight Armor from Game.

    bring back chitin set imo
  3. yokbrainkanka


    black eyed peas - where is the love song for u all?
  4. yokbrainkanka

    TukeOwnz Selling / Buying

  5. yokbrainkanka

    S>list zaikooo

    so ........... human or orc ?
  6. yokbrainkanka

    Addition of Red Pot by ApexKO Community.

  7. yokbrainkanka

    PurpleFuzzyUnicorns 2 Vs 2 ResurrectionOfDivine

    forgot u were good ? forever spamming in cz but ur a nobody ? if ur gunna call someone out on english skills make sure ur perfect ? stop bein a jealous little dickrider and get some skill x.x > hopefully we'll see a vs video from u ?
  8. yokbrainkanka

    Anything going to be done for priest?

    ahh dw brook everyone wanna play 3 priest 5 warriors and dont like different people if u all read what brooks sayin he doesnt wanna make 5k dmg per attack he just thinks there should be more viability lmao
  9. yokbrainkanka

    Forum account

    Why you getting upset? I just basically told you what he said in simpler English?
  10. yokbrainkanka

    Forum account

    he's saying there is no point in having another account because all you do is +1 your comments.
  11. yokbrainkanka

    CSW trading Crystal with alliance

    Why are you going back on yourself? Stop, leave the house you cringey fuck. Going out now, stop going back on yourself, get English lessons, and then we'll talk.
  12. yokbrainkanka

    CSW trading Crystal with alliance

    Degano doesn't work as a GM anymore, that's last I heard from him when I spoke to him 2 months ago. If they banned them for illegal software they'd have to unban them for false ban, simple.
  13. yokbrainkanka

    CSW trading Crystal with alliance

    cmon dylan, "brain death monkey" for a start it's brain dead monkey, you illitirate fuck, it clearly says illegal software.
  14. yokbrainkanka

    CSW trading Crystal with alliance

    1ce proves nothing nd u need to read chat, illegal software, have you ever even played a usko server in your life? its fine if not, go make cartelko if you want everything your way :-/