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  1. Yea dude you mentioned ares and diez the oldest servers on usko that got merged with others, ofcourse the items there are cheap, on ares if you aren't full +10 you won't last longer then a few seconds in cz. O.T you did see what twostars posted before right? Posted it below if you didn't, but i believe continuing this argument when even the admin has given a sufficient response is pointless. Even if increasing stamina to 250 happen, the amount of stamina your skills use will also increase, it's basic mathematics.
  2. 1. i am a he. 2. you can't expect me to be online 24/7 i do have a life, give me your name and i'll pm you when i'm around. 3. I'm good luv enjoy
  4. Until your doing something other then talking trash on forums then you can comment on my videos, so bb. I'M GUD LUV ENJOY!😁
  5. Just a friendly vs to start the new year and preparing for my upcoming pk movie.
  6. like the idea, as long as the bug with the warders gets resolved where if the person who gets the first warder kill( for their nation ) will get the other warder/keeper as long as they have dealt damage to it and were present for it's death, haven't seen if it has been fixed or not since ardream war gets closed within 10 minutes of opening.
  7. you guys should come human and pm billiejean for clan, we need some priests/ warriors
  8. -Well when it comes to magic shield i'm sure it works perfectly fine, i mean it's a 30 second skill so you can't expect to have crazy res for a long time like priest/ warriors do, maybe they could increase how long the skills lasts. -also the thing with the aztec are you towning or being moved away from the mages staff range when it goes off on you? because if the curse goes off and you are still in his attack range he can actually get the kill from a last second staff attack ( if you this is not the case then definitely needs to be fixed asap ). -Also i never used smoke screen on official, but why would it blind the caster aswell, kind of pointless for it to blind the person using it to evade others, i don't think it's too much of an issue as it is now because it does blind the enemy in the certain radius as it should, i would think you wouldn't want your skill crippling you aswell.
  9. call soap and rocket and let's remake whatever gay name jago can come up with?
  10. nice p.s: mind if i add this to my signature aswell?
  11. stop wait this is the same topic you used against that one player pindaari, who you claimed scammed you before, where is the proof that he is the same person ?
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