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  1. Yea dude you mentioned ares and diez the oldest servers on usko that got merged with others, ofcourse the items there are cheap, on ares if you aren't full +10 you won't last longer then a few seconds in cz. O.T you did see what twostars posted before right? Posted it below if you didn't, but i believe continuing this argument when even the admin has given a sufficient response is pointless. Even if increasing stamina to 250 happen, the amount of stamina your skills use will also increase, it's basic mathematics.
  2. 1. i am a he. 2. you can't expect me to be online 24/7 i do have a life, give me your name and i'll pm you when i'm around. 3. I'm good luv enjoy
  4. Until your doing something other then talking trash on forums then you can comment on my videos, so bb. I'M GUD LUV ENJOY!😁
  5. Just a friendly vs to start the new year and preparing for my upcoming pk movie.
  6. Pm me here or ingame KillerSymphony SELLING: BUYING: BOMBASTIC WINDFORCE+11 BOMBASTIC RAUM+11
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