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  1. Took care of the few i had time to catch before it ending.
  2. You have a PM from me.
  3. Is it still like that?
  4. Seems to be working for me, can you try a different webbrowser maybe?
  5. Sierra


    No, read the rules before playing.
  6. Sierra


    From what i can see when i google it this looks more like a complete bot rather than a macro. So yes, using this is bannable.
  7. Yeah this is your ISP most probably. Try connecting with a VPN. Not much we can do about this. 😕
  8. As i said, tampering with the client. Start up and play the game normally and this will never happen.
  9. Don't share your account, and don't use hacks.
  10. Not true. You tried to multi-client.
  11. Have you tried to log in via a regular browser and not in-game? You can re-charge Apex Points via our panel as well.
  12. You're banned 3 days from this moment for tampering with the client. Leave it alone and don't try and mess with it and you won't get banned in the future. o.o
  13. You’re banned for using third party tools. It’s a permanent ban.
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