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  1. Sierra

    Invalid ID

    Your account seems to be fine, verified and all. Make sure you’re not trying to login with your display name. You have to use the account id you choose.
  2. Sierra

    Killing Felankor for royal clan bug?

    Will see what's up with that. o.O
  3. Sierra

    Passowrd problem

    Are you really sure you're typing it correct? Because it's the same password, sounds impossible to me that it's only working on the website and not ingame. If you reset your password just now i guess wait a few minutes and try again, if that's not helping you can send me a pm on the forum or try to reset it again.
  4. Sierra

    VIP Vault Key

    As we said, the items you can store at the inn host will be storeable in the VIP vault. I think all items says if they can be or not.
  5. Sierra

    VIP Vault Key

    From what i recall you can’t store monster stones. Or am i wrong?
  6. Sierra

    Key NPC

    I think it scales with the damage you’ve dealt, also there’s no NP event running.
  7. Sierra


    If you still have your old phone you should be able to remove it on the website. If not you should pm @twostars & @Aesteris about it (or me and i will add them to the conversation).
  8. Sierra

    Holyanimore +13

    Thought we already fixed that one, it's the same on official (or was when i checked a few months back). Thanks for the reminder.
  9. Sierra

    Ultma Event About

    If 170 players aren’t interested in killing it we won’t do much about it. And as @Rougean said, ultima is definitely killable so if there’s just lack of a few users certain times or lack of interest in killing it i doubt that will be changed too.
  10. Sierra

    Ultma Event About

    I saw felankor die a few days ago with less than 170 players in CZ. So the numbers aren’t what’s wrong. It’s probably what those numbers of players are doing. O.o
  11. Sierra

    server is so unstable

    We don’t have any server in Asia. And playing from there will obviously be worse than playing in Europe. It’s quite a distance. 😕
  12. Sierra

    BattleCry human side

    We will definitely check that out.
  13. Sierra

    BattleCry human side

    You mean it's a longer cast time?
  14. Sierra

    rush 100%?

    Pretty sure it's a flat non-100% rate.