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  1. You can search on our website for any NPC or item to see drops. https://apexko.com/monster/750-Worm
  2. Doing this does not affect your movement speed or increase the attack range.
  3. Server was relaunched about a year ago and there are no Kurians. 😐
  4. Sierra


    Thanks for that! We'll see if we can keep Microsoft up to date on our future patches, however it will require some time before Microsoft can push new definitions and for people to get them so i will still recommend to keep the client excluded from your AV.
  5. Sierra


    There may be some false-positives, KO doesn't have a great history with anti-viruses and even the string 'Knight OnLine' can be detected in some av's. I can assure you it's nothing to worry about though. You can find out how to exclude ApexKO in Windows Defender here.
  6. You’re banned 3 days for luring.
  7. Sierra

    proxy problem

    Your account have been restricted for a reason and it will not be removed.
  8. Did you press confirm on the new code in the e-mail you recieved? And you should be able to genie etc. now.
  9. You can just /chatblock him and he won't be able to send you letters anymore.
  10. Tell me what characters you have tried it on and i can look at it later today.
  11. You can only use it once, i suspect you have already used it then.
  12. The code should be working now again. 7214-apex-2020-gift-8841
  13. Sierra


    It's a false-positive affecting all or most KO-clients.
  14. Not much i can do here, block your trade if that's an issue.
  15. Sierra


    First strike was months ago for you, yet you keep on finding new ways to try and go around this rule.
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