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  1. You can upload images to various sites like imgur.com and videos to youtube.com.
  2. Not hoax. But as we have anti-speedhack stuff in place and without proof or us seeing it in action there is not much to a report as this.
  3. Would be great if you or someone of the others could try and capture a video of this. It’s a very fine line between how actual speedhack looks and how it looks when you/others are lagging or when KO decides to not update properly. You don’t bump a report unless you have something constructive to add to prove guilt or innocence.
  4. I remember there being a bug in the official client where this happen from time to time. What happen if you re-log during que time? Will you get the notification then? I want to remember this happen if you’ve been online for very long and you would need to re-log before the UI is supposed to pop.
  5. If that’s all you see on your screen it seems like a bit is ’outside’ your screen. Try changing resolution or use window mode and see if it helps. Let us know if you manage to fix it.
  6. Paper items have been suggested many times and i even went to test it with a player. We both concluded at that time that it’s definitely not worth running around basically without armor for that low damage you’re doing. As stated above STR on priests should give less ap than INT, and with INT you can also wear better armor. That should be more worth it.
  7. You should too provide a video of those players abusing bugs or cheats and actions will be taken (in a separate topic). As of right now we are improving our wallhack system to prevent this in the future.
  8. Most likely your anti-virus detecting it as something, exclude the whole ApexKO install folder (default path: C:\Program Files (x86)\ApexKO) from it.
  9. Sierra

    please help me

    Read on their website and you’ll understand. It basically protect a file/process from being modified aka hacked. Something is probably trying to modify your running instance of Apex and therefore it’s closing down.
  10. We made the very inner part of towns a temporary safe-zone when the towers stopped functioning and forgot to remove it after the towers were fixed again. It’s all back to normal now, thanks for the reminder.
  11. The range of lupin eye/seeing stealthed players are determined in the client, and we use the very same client as USKO as our base. This is official behaviour and therefor not a bug.
  12. I respond to all of the serious pm’s i get on the forums. I don’t know why you think it’s so hard to reach us when we’re one pm away on here. If people compose a pm and add all of us to the very same conversation we cover pretty much every timezone and you’ll have a reply in no-time. You mean that you can’t see stealthed opponents as far away as you’d like? I’m pretty sure lupin works the very same way on USKO right now. If you or anyone else have any complaints about me or another member of the staff feel free to pm @Aesteris & @twostars about it. They will deal with it. Keeping score is a dumb idea, we all follow the same guidelines and most decisions we make are discussed together, there are no individuals to hang or praise here.
  13. There is indeed. I don’t recall any recent report of any actual koxp/tbl usage lately, if you know of any method that actually works feel free to pm @twostars to explain it and i’m pretty sure you’re eligible for a reward. You’re talking about koxp and tbl being an issue, but bug abusing and then threatening our server and staff/management is not and shouldn’t be punished? I assume you’re talking about this guy, and no they all aren’t. We just don’t need the forum filled with the same duplicate topic all over the place. For the last time, don’t abuse bugs and don’t pick a fight with us when you’re punished for it. We have never tolerated bug abuse and trying to threaten us after will only make it worse. He will have to accept his punishment like the rest of the players that recieved the very same treatment.
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