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  1. Sierra

    help with a problem

    Your account is banned for three more days from now. Do not try to modify anything in the client in the future, we don't tolerate it. And no, installing Dota, running out of system resources or successfully logging in to windows does not get you banned. And the anti-virus thing is a false-positive also completely unrelated. You know what you tried to do, we know what you tried to do, don't try it again. If this happen one more time you will be banned forever.
  2. Banned for using third party tools.
  3. Banned for botting. o.o Read up on the rules and feel free to create a new account when you're familiar with them.
  4. Can you send me a private message with your account name and e-mail address and we can look into why you’re not receiving it?
  5. The cospre armors should give you either 30 and 20 def, 200 and 100hp or 4% and 2% exp depending on which kind you choose. The larger bonus is for the armor piece and the smaller for the helmet piece. The pathos glove give you either 2% increased damage overall and 3% bonus damage to a select class, or 10 defence and 3% defence from a select class.
  6. You're not showing that here (or your own nick even, suspicious). Not much to do about something i know nothing about.
  7. Using /chatblock is the right thing to do here.
  8. You definitely used it and that's why you're banned.
  9. What you used isn't just a macro and the bans are permanent.
  10. Impossible to help you without a character name or an account id.
  11. This has been dealt with.
  12. Sierra

    Hi Help me pls

    Kaishan in the back of Moradon should offer them back to you.
  13. Yeah the requirements are changed, just not updated in the client.
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