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  1. Sierra

    1000 kill quest bug

    Yeah it was bugged and showed up twice, which is now fixed and you can't do it twice. Hence 'monthly', you can only do this quest once a month.
  2. Provide your characters name and times or at least a timespan when this happen please.
  3. If you’re using a program that allow you to do attacks faster than the game allows that’s a hack and therefore a reson to be banned. If you are farming AFK with a macro without genie that’s a reason to be banned. You can however use a macro combined with genie or play ”manually with a macro”, that is allowed. There are no rules against ks’ing, that would simply be near to or even impossible to enforce equally for everyone. We can’t outright ban people for using macros, it’s too widespread at this point. And we allow it with genie simply because genie isn’t that great all the time.
  4. Sierra

    1000 kill quest bug

    You can only do this quest once a month, no matter what nation you are.
  5. Sierra


    This is not enough for any punishment as per the luring-rule.
  6. You’re right about the range being lag compensation, but the ”glitching” was a thing a loooong time ago. It is already fixed.
  7. Use /chatblock and he can't bother you ever again.
  8. Reported by RalphLauren; @RalphLauren It doesn't always restore light feet after the debuff disappears, when doing light feet skill manually it will put it on cooldown but not do the skill.
  9. Please prove me wrong then, because i can't see or do it myself.
  10. Yeah i know what it looks like, but it does nothing. You can do this visually, but it doesn't improve your speed or range even the slightest.
  11. Took my time and followed a guy around doing it for quite a while now, and he didn't outrun me. I've never seen anyone doing this "glitch" being faster than anyone else, only thing it does is look weird.
  12. Sierra

    Random DC

    Yeah we’re aware some of you get disconnected quite often, we’re looking at it and trying to solve it. For now just hang in there i guess. 😕
  13. I don't speak Turkish but i don't even see an account or character name so can't check it up. But i'm assuming you were banned for hacks together with everyone else tonight.
  14. Sierra

    Ban sebebi

    Banned for using hacks.
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