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  1. These kind of requests aren’t really our priority since i guess you deleted the character or changed the name and therefore it’s not ’yours’ anymore. However it’s not my place to say anything else than you should provide the exact nickname you’re talking about, and the rest is up to the admins.
  2. Sierra


    No idea why that’s happening. But as a temporary solution you could try changing it in the in-game options using the ’F10’ key.
  3. Sierra

    Kurian Bug

    First of all, post in the correct forum. You're not providing a bug report. Second, make a constructive post, don't spam and rage. That won't get you anywhere.
  4. You should be able to use all item slots when you trade a character.
  5. You should test it to make sure, some settings save and some other doesn't.
  6. Sierra

    Disable OTP

    You should pm @twostars & @Aesteris and provide some info such as your account id, email, last time you accessed it etc. It’s impossible to reset it without knowing what account it is.
  7. That character is now banned.
  8. First of all the so called bug when people used throwable items to bug the movement animation is completely unrelated since this mage isn't doing that. And also, we tested that and it didn't affect character speed at all. Please don't mix other stuff in here when you've clearly got a video here showing what you just said is not happening at all. Closing this as we don't need more evidence or misleading posts.
  9. First time there’s a report with actual proof of it happening. We will look into what was going on there.
  10. You can lock your account completely with the ”OTP/One time password” feature we provide. It’s probably safe to say that it is 100% hacker-proof unless someone manage to steal both your phone AND your id/password. 😐
  11. Sierra

    MUTED KelaYzyG

    You're unmuted now, enjoy.
  12. Sierra

    MUTED KelaYzyG

    No need to make multiple topics, will update you when i know anything about it.
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