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  1. sudo

    OhMyGodLEGION PK Moive

    Kay is pro kurian ever seen.But full ugly np
  2. sudo

    Something new

    Dragon is over power. And he is master of goldcoin.Np
  3. up up up up up up up up up up up up up up up up up upup
  4. SELLING Chaos WIRINOM +11rev Draki STR SSS String of Skulls +3 2x Platinum Earring +3 (dual +3 PE) 2x Ring of Courage +3 (dual +3 ROC) +8 Warrior Krowaz SET +11 Dragon Scale SET Nick: ArgentEezzy (you can pm me through game!)
  5. sudo

    Miguan PK Moive

    Nah, NicoNiconii's been raped by Tyrant in vs LOTTTT of time The nab can't be top1 archer.. <3 miguuu <3 @Dragon You left and noobz've started to count themselves as an archer.
  6. sudo

    Sins using dual ets+11 in cz

    i tried both of them and i can say lpp raum11 and ets11 choice is better than dual ets11 in vs/pk. But if you do not have many kcs in your pocket, it's of course better choice than shard11 and ets11 or dual dagger choice as many sins use in pk now.
  7. sudo

    Sudo the funny Raider

    An assassian/rogue kills a farmer mercilessly and so he's a piece of shit? that only means he is a good assassian if somebody hopes better things from a rogue or assassian, that does not mean he's dumbass? nvm Hopefully, you can distinguish the difference between real life and game. Thus you guys just can press ok and keep playing without crying.