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  1. A4tech macro ile yapiliyor, serverin ilk gunlerinden beli delos'da mageler ayni macro ile istedikleri yere nova atabiliyorlar
  2. That str 9 grind is very important. Also, this is allowable. I myself did this as well. Last I recall you do not need 10k kills, 5k should unlock that achievement in Apex
  3. Hic-A-Doo-La

    Genie Ban

    https://www.whatismyip.com/ o 2 bilgisayardan buraya girdigin zaman 2 farkli IP cikiyorsa yazik olmus size..
  4. My example was just a general statement for ANY video game. There can be changes to make things easier for new players but not giving them the complete easy pass so they can be ready to PK day 1 lol P.s. I have not played Apex/KO since July and I'm not planning on restarting again. Had fun during the pandemic while it lasted
  5. 37 days later I acknowledged my forum warning just to comment on this...
  6. https://www.apexko.com/character/Chiefer come buy your exp toto back and my exp impact
  7. is this account bound or no? gg upgrade, I was right next to you
  8. Selling Below; Spear Of Murky +7 EXP Totamic Spear +8 EXP Impact +8 Chitin Gauntlets +8 Chitin Helmet +8 Iron Belt Raptor Rev +4 (184 ap) Pm me your KC/GB offers
  9. iyi forumlar kardes.. ayinisi benden. ....
  10. Çok merak ettim, böyle müşteriler filan demişsin, kaç tane karakter sokuyorsunuz bir IP’den. Aynı sorunu daha önce bende yaşamıştım ama serverin ilk başlarında oluyordu.
  11. Most of us are like; Do we go in FT waste 30 mins for 10m chest or do we go kill haunga warriors for 30mins and make more money
  12. Dude you just burned your impact... can you get that totamic spears for decent price
  13. Mainly a troll 😂, if you knew me you’d know I’m harmless person who takes no sides Nero why are you using 1ms macro? My eyes hurt looking at your video
  14. The guy who will be collecting +8's to resell it to you @ higher price
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