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  1. I'm afraid I have not been able to test this feature enough to provide you with much more information, seeing how the CSW is only available for one hour per week. I do however believe that my initial post was a bit unclear, so allow me to explain the issue further.When mounting a tower you do not actually move on top of the tower itself, but instead you get stuck in place underneath the tower (being unable to move your character in any direction). The tower can move around freely (and even de-transform it's state) without affecting the "mounted" players position at all. In other words, nothing in particular happens to the tower itself, but the player that tried to mount the tower will be stuck in the initial location until they re-log.I do not know whether or not a character that has been stuck can use or be affected by skills, but I do know that they are able to use the /town command. A re-log is however necessary in order to move around freely.Let me know if you have any further questions and I'll gladly answer them to the best of my ability.
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    ApexKO Trailer

  3. KataNoob

    Warrior KLEY Stole IN

    Can confirm that this guy has no decency for the looting etiquette at all. Will probably not help out randoms again. Also, this game is in a dire need of proper loot settings, like the /roll system that WoW has.
  4. Action taken: Mounted / "climbed" onto a player transformed into a moving tower in Delos (target player, click the button on the targets health bar to mount). Desired result: You should be able to mount the other players moving towers to "hitch a ride" across the castle gate. Actual result: Character froze in place as if it had been stunned. could not move at all except after re-logging.
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    B> Priest gear

    Don't disrespect the Dr Pepper
  6. KataNoob

    ApexKO Random in-game screenshots

    How are you going to farm if you're dead and got no skills? noob.
  7. KataNoob

    ApexKO Random in-game screenshots

    Good luck bro, I will kill you without having to log in.
  8. KataNoob

    ApexKO Random in-game screenshots

    Going to get u Henkan
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    B> Priest gear

  10. See the picture embedded in this post:http://forum.apexko.com/topic/1656-apexko-random-in-game-screenshots/?p=11056I believe this bug to have been caused by the minor heal that Henkan provided me with as I was about to get killed by an opponent. Somehow Henkans minor heal managed to get the last hit on me. I do not deem this bug to be of any consequence at all, due to the extreme rarity of it occurring (first time seeing it on this server, been playing since the alpha release. (unless the latest patch has something to do with it of course)). Never the less, bugs are meant to be reported, so here you go.
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    ApexKO Random in-game screenshots

    Stupid Hendrik is killing his friends. Don't trust that backstabbing SOB. Also, don't judge my stats, 10 min after going priiisttttt.
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    B> Priest gear

    Interested in purchasing the following items: +8 priest chitin helmet +1/+2 Rings of life +0/+1/+2 SSE 1500ml of Dr Pepper PM me here on the forum if I'm offline in-game.
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    Buying / selling

    Selling: Raptor +8/80 Warrior Shell boots +5 reb Buying: Roc +0 x2 Hero's Valor +0 dragon flight +7 helmet PM me in-game (KataNoob).
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    Trading while merchanting

    Just a small thing that I found. This issue was tracked earlier [#571] and marked as closed.It was also mentioned in http://forum.apexko.com/topic/187-17012015/ This issue still seems to persist as you can still "/trade" merchanting users in order to open up a trade window with them. Requesting a trade from a merchanting character is however forbidden.
  15. KataNoob

    Status effects (buffs, debuffs, scrolls)

    I've noticed that scrolls disappear when changing zones as well. Not necessarily all scrolls at once, but rather one scroll per warp.