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    Chopa reacted to Chayni in ApexKO Cartel #5 @Teamspeak3 (Comeback)   
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    Chopa reacted to VERSACEONTHEFLOOR in ApexKO Cartel #5 @Teamspeak3 (Comeback)   
    LauraWells Suck
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    Chopa got a reaction from HesperiouSRB in a q   
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    Chopa reacted to NakedRussian in a q   
    lol nice one!
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    Chopa reacted to TilaTequila in ApexKO memories :D   
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    Chopa got a reaction from blackaq in Buying   
    ban henkan ty
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    Chopa reacted to BroOk in LaTroupe Curse   
    thats the reason i dont respond you anymore ur pms because u are copy and past the smal parts from conversation to make those anoying topics btw even if u beat us on some vs we kill you as well and making videos about how u beat us sometimes doesnt means u are better and theres thousends reason to see why but well im not gonna stay here explain everything i have better things to do that be front of pc everymoment spamming no sense post..
    and stop spam letter pms etc u guys really anoying what u wanna proof? or what u looking for??feel free to make ur funny videos its part of game but theres no reason to misundertand the letter or pms with copy and past ..i admit that u have good team play but u guys are not fair players so u never will have the respect that u looking with ur videos/ss .this not the way to ear respect players. keep doing this im not gonna change my mind that u are just a bunch of brainless..
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    Chopa reacted to ThePistouEffect in Cartel Clan PK Movie ~ ApexKO [ ElMosquito ]   
    good job
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    Chopa reacted to soapman06 in B> OLD/+0/1/2 AMULET OF DEXTERITY   
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    Chopa reacted to Xitam in SELLING OUT DUPED SHITS   
    is trash, just delete or npc
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    Chopa reacted to HenkaN in ApexKO Random in-game screenshots   
    that was my old bar...... -.- duuuuh