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  1. Tetris

    Feb 5 patch appreciation thread

    Well i like the changes, lets just hope the small run combo issue gets resolved
  2. Tetris

    Portu class

    My opinion on first point, the dot were too op! Alot of people didnt stand a chanse to defend themselves against this. Pretty insane 4+ kurians could run around and just dot-spam people that didnt even have a chanse of reaching them before they are dead. The stun can be discussed further, and the buffs are a good thing for playing kurian right? Also let me quote the patch notes! - This worked out well for the Koreans and if it wont here, it will probably be reverted back or changed to something else!
  3. I guess we have to let this one go though :\
  4. Tetris

    Debuffs dont always show.

    You dont always see the debuffs you get. My hp here should be ~8000 so i guess parasite dont show all the time? Happen quite often. http://i.imgur.com/SSqjdZF.png
  5. Its not about free nps... Its about that this is a PK focused server, but alot of people DONT EVEN PK AT ALL! If they die on human side they just relog orc etc. And then we can twist it around @poly, a farmer get killed, from his perspective, should he cry? No. Why? Because that zone is for killing both players and monsters! They are there for what you say, free np from Atross and Riote and items from Harunga that dont town. I engage on everyone i see even if they are more then one, so please cut the crap about "stop raiding farmers". The point of adding the farm to CZ is to make it dangerous, not a running simulator where you go bowl, town, go bowl, town. Im quoting myself from my topic.
  6. The majority of players are warriors, wich dont have a problem with this since it takes 5 minutes to burst them below 50%. As a rogue atm we can not just coordinate our bursts against priests, warriors or kurians. Same with lightning mages, that just leaves us with other rogues and mages without blink. Im totally with you on this one JohnWick, but unfortunately i think we are alone.
  7. Tetris

    Missing icons and name

    Garges dagger and possibly more or all of them are missing name andIcon on website. Draki pendant missing Icon aswell. http://i.imgur.com/3G9LM6x.png http://i.imgur.com/O4ehqSa.png
  8. Tetris

    Just another day at Apex city

    This issue should be looked at, and Zeppelin should fix his signature...
  9. Tetris

    About for Warrior Scream Skill ..

    Its insane atm :/
  10. Tetris

    Mage team npt transfer.

    Just a tip, provide some solid proof when you catch them doing it
  11. Tetris

    Mage team npt transfer.

    As i've reported to Alpha, Foxtrot and Omega (probably more) already multiple times... Some of the gm's understood this more easily and others didnt... I define this as NPT, others dont aparantly. We cant deny they are trading np/ladder back and forth. I dont remember exactly but they loose 50 np/ladder from a death and gain ~100 from a kill. Its all pre-made and it has happened multiple times in places you have to intentionally abuse mage skills to be able to go to. Also called wall-hacking. Just the fact that its the same people/mages vs'ing each other every time they decide to come cz (EU night) and that they would be in the rivers all the time if the gm's actually didnt spend a whole lot of (imo useless) warnings just confirms my theory. They are in cz for one reason, that is to farm each other and then exchange the medals. To me obvious npt and they should get something else then just a warning.
  12. Tetris

    new dc bug

    You most likely get stuck on the loading screen as an effect of getting dc, = the game has basically nothing to load i guess?
  13. Since the most common problem each day is the balance issue, why not add a little modifier to the outnumbered nation that gives a small AC bonus? And lets say if it was possible, exclude users in the count that has been flagged as afk aka genie activated or not in combat/havent touched ko in a while.
  14. Tetris


    Almost as simple as 5 messages/2sec, yeah, noone writes anything important that fast. Mute that guy for a few minutes To be honest now it barely triggers if you dont copy-paste the exact same thing, and it mutes way too long :\
  15. Tetris


    First of all, its CZ, you're supposed to kill or get killed Second of all its alot of those people who run with 2-3 priests and 2-3 clan parties stacked. More or less when they are solo they are looking for farmers because they cant kill anyone else :s