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  1. If your clan is accredited knight grade 1 with 450k national points donated into the clan you can enter the falenkor chamber to earn the royal status.
  2. We are still here to help, both ingame and via forums 😺
  3. Right locking this topic as it has no actually help and is a repeat of all the same topics over and over. This is a warning to everyone to stop generating the same topics over and over. We do not need the same topics open again and again. And these topics being made to demean the event are not going to help anything.
  4. This should help with that math. http://forum.apexko.com/topic/1399-clan-grades/?tab=comments#comment-8191
  5. As it was stated it is actually pretty hard to see what is happening with you without an actual crash report, this issue could be more of something outside of the client closing down or crashing. We are monitoring to find out why it may be happening as my colleague stated. Now this will be your final warning, we care about our server and the players and are working diligently to see why it is behaving in such a way. Bashing the staff( even with saying no offence) will not help you or us in any way.
  6. Right so this is starting to get out of hand, I am closing this topic. This will be a simple warning to both parties. Do not create anymore topics to flame each other. Take it into private messages, if you have any issues/concerns pm an admin/gm. If another topic comes up like this you will both be banned. Please follow our rules from now on. Happy hunting.
  7. Please follow the rules, if your post is not relevant to the topic at hand it will be removed. Saying we are done and thank you apex community is not helping anyone or anything.
  8. Everyone please remember the rules, if it is not relevant to the topic it will be removed.
  9. This event only happens once a week, so please be patient with us and whoever's game crashed followed the instructions twostars has given and send him that log so we can have it fixed for the future.
  10. This issue has been resolved. Thank you for your report.
  11. Right so guys I will ask you to take your debate into a pm, this topic is to discuss the disconnect issue some players faced during the castle siege war event, not for you guys to fight over which clan is better in pk. numbers, or skills.
  12. Right guys I am closing this as you guys don't know how to keep it civil, there is no need for a flame war on someone elses topic( or any topic in general) keep your differences in private messages please.
  13. Can you provide us a little more information and proof to go off of instead of just a post, like a video or a screenshot? which aoe dmg from mages or warriors?.
  14. Closing this topic as you guys can't seem to keep it together, if your not going to stay on the topic then please don't bother posting. O.T: as going forward you know if they leave clan they lose the set in general, so only those who are loyal to the clan would receive the voucher/ even if there is the sets on the server even krowaz+11 was said to deter new players and there are quite a few sets now( so I really don't see the hk+11 sets that only last 48 hrs hurting the server).
  15. Note in the prior patch we already removed alliance clans from being able to receive the reward, only the winning clan does, but what other suggestions do you players recommend that could make csw abit more viable?
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