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    ROAR reacted to fuckyou in incrasingly HARD   
    Easy to farm 5k nps. Check list below:
     Check npc [Analyst] Julius in CZ. It has spy & lost soul & secret doc quests. ( Totally 800 nps everyday you can do it.) Bowl is almost free to kill Atross, Riote. if you are a human, check this special list: -easy running NP list (TukeOwnz, TukeFin, yurtakalanlar, cenizhan) You can get daily 10 to 20k free nps in cz. So, please DON'T say hard to get NPs for beginners in this server.
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    ROAR reacted to Archeage in Sitede kullanıcı profili hk. \ About the user profiles in ApexKO Site   
    Hayır İstedigin karakterin üzerine Bakabiliyorsun . https://apexko.com/character/noneed  '' noneed '' Nicki sil istedigin nicki yaz Enterla Göstersin Sana
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    ROAR reacted to Dragon in Event ending NPS BUT Farm items ?   
    +1 server is again Dead only in Ultima time little pk we need something similiar snowmans but with biger range beetwen spots to reduce mage gain all np from pk. Thx @twostars @Aesteris
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    ROAR reacted to twostars in usko open new server we need news here   
    If you truly think that ApexKO will die because USKO is releasing more servers, I don't know what to say.
    I don't know if you realise this, but we've been around since 2015 (at least, officially released -- prior to that we were around in late 2014). We're still here.
    I mean, I realise that PK activity is low at certain times of the day, and that likely we'll see more of a hit as players push the initial rush of the launch, but that's nothing new and happens all the time with private and official servers alike.
    The hype passes, then things go back to normal, rinse and repeat.
    So I understand and appreciate your concern, but it's unnecessary. We will still be here regardless of what happens, you do not have to worry about us dying any time soon.
    As far as updates go, we're hoping we'll start seeing the start of these in the beginning of February, but don't take that as a definite ETA. It'll be done when it's done.
    Regardless, releasing these right away specifically *while* players are distracted with the launch of official servers is counter-intuitive, so it won't be done immediately. But it's not too far away
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    ROAR reacted to Steve in usko open new server we need news here   
    Start telling your friends about server, lets get some new faces! 
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    ROAR got a reaction from ApexPamp in Geheimnis Clan is going to start to ApexKO at soon !   
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    ROAR reacted to TBE in F***K YOU ANVIL   
    All I gotta say is F***K YOU ANVIL.
    If you have bad time in anvil post your feeling's and screen shot's here thank you for stopping by.
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    ROAR reacted to Aesteris in WE NEED A CHANGE   
    We’re looking into ways to address a couple of pain points with the Bifrost event and Ultima event, stay tuned for these changes
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    ROAR reacted to BabySh0ckeR in WE NEED A CHANGE   
    Things need to be change around here all i see humans or orcs but mostly humans just wait for boss once the boss is dead they go back afk. what is the point to farm if you just going to be afk all the time?  
    Maybe make some events or quest which need to use Ladder Points or Kill Other Nation and get some good rewards for it....
    All I'm saying is make pk more active then just afk like Retards  
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    ROAR reacted to blackaq in #closed   
    nice roar roar
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