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  1. red123 you waiting, intense work
  2. game managers we are waiting for the answer twostars
  3. Hi, @twostars weight to very hight warrior has the most weight power but only 5 or 10 no space available. a very important item for this resistance , can weight reduction be ? Sundires > Light Resistance , Flame Resistance , Glacier Resistance
  4. neXusLee

    Few selected items to 14 REB (Fair options)

    hahaha +14 Hepa Raptor ap to very hight +11 Chaos cant blance.
  5. neXusLee

    Halloween Event

    Hallowen during Darkness item +there was a time 1
  6. neXusLee

    player defeat player bug

    + bug contine... me killed can't notice.... TheCordeLia
  7. neXusLee

    lag issue

    :S +1 cant play
  8. neXusLee

    Troll Topic

    human warrior no add HabibiRush human kurian : AgeuVK or WarSouL
  9. neXusLee

    ISteffon vs Necrolye // Winner Necrolyte

    Videoları Düzeltmissin Görüntü Güzel olmus kenan
  10. neXusLee

    ISteffon vs Necrolye // Winner Necrolyte

  11. neXusLee

    ISteffon vs Necrolye // Winner Necrolyte

    Kenan Bir beni kesemedin abicim ya Sevdiginden mi
  12. neXusLee


    @Eos can support you ++++
  13. neXusLee

    macro chat spam

    i cant play spam or flood in cz image pollution. TheCordeLia
  14. neXusLee

    macro chat spam

    maradon flood spam 2 min blocked chat system >>> need ronaland in region flood+spam 5 min block . i think would be nice idea
  15. neXusLee

    Monster Stone

    juva böyle bir şey olması imkansız ordaki diger monsterlar içinde droplar var ve onlardan dd gibi öze itemler dusuyor ayrıca diger eksik parcalarda cıkıyor ve uskodada bu bu sekildedir.