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    Achieve Arena Legend +9 STR
    ingame Hitmonchan
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    4spazi reacted to 4Natasha in Yeni Sunucu veya Database [ Sıfırlansa ]   
    bizde ful item olarak oynuyoruz fakat user bakımından sıfırlanması gayet güzel olur bazı arkadaşlar söylemiş özetlemiş kısaca sw gerçekten çok güzel hiçbir eksiği yok diğer swlere göre fazlası bile var sadece yeni başlayan kişiler oynamaktan çekiniyor itemleri yok diye uğraşmakta istemiyor kimse bu yüzden sw hakettiği useri göremiyor eğer sıfırlanırsa db gerçekten güzel olucağından eminim herkeze hayırlı forumlar
    NOT: jr saatlerini biraz erkene alın 9:40da jr kimse jr öncesi pk cıkmıyor doğru düzgün usko gibi oldu sw resmen 11 de pk canlanıyo bu konudada çoğu arkadaşlar katılacaktır bana eminim 
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    bla bla bla we turks want relaunch bla bla bla relaunch ty
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    Help Aesteris

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    4spazi reacted to TheBeastaq in Lets Make ApexKO Great Agin !   
    hello guys here are some suggestions for how to make some farm on server that new ppl who come can make some gbs 
    Maybe MINING and Fishing would have some activity and people would like to farm in peace when theyre afk or busy with somethin 
    Mining should be dropping worms that we need to use for fishing :
    while we are Fishing should drop us Krowaz Material for weapon and armor maybe not a really high drop rate but still ppl need it ! hope this idea would work anyway.  
    And idk why im DCing 24/7 maybe fix that too sagol
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    4spazi reacted to Ouss in The more I play apex the more I realize how buggy and flawed it can be   
    Anti Mage Community
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    4spazi reacted to blackaq in The more I play apex the more I realize how buggy and flawed it can be   
    reported #1 through #4 at least 10 times to anyone with a mod or admin tag. for some reason they don't want to fix those particular bugs.
    5. i think cp actually procs less here
    6. obl and many cz bowl mobs aggro if something gets attacked in their radius. came up on pk beta (~may 2015) still not fixed.
    7. +1
    8. +1
    9. wars are and will be irrelevant cos there is no organized pk on apex. 1-2 good melee pts at best.
    10. theres already an abundance of krowaz, dragon, hepa weps cos of high np gain each kill. making manifacturing more op would result in everyone having a +9 set.
    11. i believe this was done to encourage int bps. doesn't hurt tbh.
    12. +1
    13. they really don't need any more mp bonus, already doing 800s with single and 1.5k with aoe dots.
    14. don't need this with free genie, would only add up to #23 on your list.
    15. they use them on boss events. ulti was always useless on apex with that drop table. krowaz zone works perfectly (i guess it's closed now), explained this on #10.
    16. +1
    17. also can't use anger or meat dumpling while potting
    18. illusion works on sins
    19. it used to blind anyone in the radius, idk if they changed it.
    23. theres already coin sink in game (scrolls, true silvers, compounding, upgrading), theres just an abundance of money with all the afk genie farm.
    also gonna add couple of the crucial ignored bugs. maybe making them public will work somehow
    24. raum curse works on offhand
    25. styx animation is longer than it should be
    26. mage guards should not follow
    27. priests should not get cancelled with;
         -kurian dot
         -mage dot
         -mage pillar
         -mage staff; it should cancel but only with 'r' component, not with the skill itself
         -every melee attack
    reporting this for the 13541325th time. this is why theres no melee pk on apex.
    28. persisting bdw altar bugs
    29. random skill fails (tp, party cure etc)
    30. random slow animation on cures and debuffs
    and many more that i forgot
    10/10 topic
    edit: add free nt already instead of having everyone on 1 nation all the time
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    4spazi reacted to Ouss in About War Premium   
    i think +5nps  Not enough
    Not enough
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    4spazi reacted to BroOk in Yere vurma saçmalığı ve öneriler   
    Tmm abi ve, if u cancel warrior aoe skyll sonra there'll only pk magelar vésé magelar?? ymo kynda bored :/
    Neden don't u go to farm uniques upgrade + uç then u do more dmg? veya neden dont u add iki priestlar?? bir db bir bufflar so ull tank much çok?? neden u looking tank with 7 dwarfs party mele?? Iyi server if full mages Tamam agree with sen, ve mages can't tank mele party with 2/3 priestlar..
    Bir - Kc reward bowlda?? Gorupuruz. Go farm BUS to zeppelinSpots sonra moradon and satmak = coins = kc bedava ucuz np.
    iki - cospre bedava bes days usless?? Iyi geceler karde ( imo thy can do repeat quest more then 1 time by month?)
    Uç - draki quest kylling pk?? Mmm adam yakinda pendant draki cost sifir :/
    Summary : sana want 7 magelar dmg nova kill all players and bosses which drop kc items and buy on sundries cospre items so u can tank much more meles?? I see the point of 7 mages i.e. OP novas -> skills.. full newcomers ideas very Iyi.