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  1. well then gimme reward xD
  2. i have noticed that holyanimore +13 better than +14 , fix that .. and reward me
  3. okay , nvm i was already gaven up on it , but dates im not remmber it as well , it was before i change my name from hoooligan to HisMother by long time ago , and u right as long as i didnt remmber the date its usles , i was gm in maxko & nusko and i know more about data as well , so when i remmber i ll pm u directly thx for ur time waste on my account invest,, regards ❤️
  4. i really cant remmber the date bro , i talked to serria and some other gms in game ,, but i really didnt remmber the date , i was already gaven up on it ,, but still hope full u ll see in trade logs or in letters logs and give it back ...
  5. as long as i did pmed alot of gms about this and they said they ll check and none reply me for more than month now i decide to make topic ,, its simple i have upgraded a gab adamnt +8 (+5 rev ) on my main char HisMother , And i sent to my onther Char BigDango ,, which in same account but i was in hurry to go and put inn nn , and after a day when i log in i didnt found any adam in letter , so i decided to wait like week maybe i sent wrong with space or something and nothing came back , , so first i wanna see if its bug letter reback , and second i need my adam i borrow my friend agab so i need mine ! check logs and see it was like month now and when i pmed gms as i said in game they told me they ll pm me back but still nothing
  6. yes they are doing macro as good .. none heals ,, none cure ( p.s) we are 2 pt cc and not even one cure :/ check them yes ! Mr7 attacks like bug r hacks u know it i guess
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