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  1. If you are orc, i can help you some i guess, lemme know ur ingame name.
  2. Minions at eslant is the best way pretty much.
  3. Well we reported it at the previous apex aswell, but tried to mention it again, hoping atleast the nova getting fixed.
  4. Agreed with all of them. And ye 1st point is by far the most annoying. And stun range is not just a little bit bigger than the dmg range, it's HUGE. Like you are not even close to the nova, so obviously not being damaged, but it still stuns you. Also would like to add 1 more point: -The throwling knife skill has a bug aswell. (whatever is it's name, the skill that deals 20% of current health damage). You use it and after casting it, if the target hide behind a wall, the skill flies into the wall and instead of simply failing and dealing no dmg, it somehow repels and actually damages yourself with that 20% which is kinda weird. Anyway guess we can agree that if atleast the 1st point getting fixed, that would be huge too.
  5. This. It's really not hard if you are farming treants or genieing outside cz. The problem is: Farming with 8 men parties only worth it if all the 8 char is urs and genieing, otherwise farming booro / balog, anything and getting 1/8 of the drops, it's better to just go treants alone.
  6. Nope. It doesn't need for anything here. You need certificates and magic jewels for opening skills here.
  7. They should definitely do smth. And the 1st dude aint saying to put everything to bowl. But smth useful actual manual farm should be happening. Atm everything is kinda sux for manual farming especially for a party. So the only way to farm is genieing, which ppl does. And no, ppl didn't quit cuz of the item difference, hardly any1 have +1 or +8. Getting a +6 new set is not that hard and with that u have top gear. Ppl quitted cuz +1 was implemented weirdly and overpriced, and cuz you can't progress w/o genie and more character. There is almost nothing to farm actively, manually, with only 1 char or for parties. So the game does barely reward the players whom actually play. It rewards the multi client genie macroers. So ye, smth useful at bowl would be appreciated, also what was mentioned at the other topic. Disabling genie at cz would also help.
  8. Sounds better than the current situation for sure.
  9. Correct me if i'm wrong, but in this description it's said that either the farm or pk collection races are both dropping only exceptional weapons (if you get weapon, you there is no normal shard, only exceptional) Rewards Yet so far all i got was normal high class weapons, iron impact, shard, raptor etc (and ye i doubled checked the AP, 137 ap raptor, 130 ap ii, etc so the normal ones) Either the description or the drops are wrong, please look into it.
  10. Make it 100% pls (with trina). You can leave the rest items on 90%, but you can only get 2x personal a month max and to +5 with trina on most of the servers it's 100% anyway. Ps.: I just did my 1000 monthly kill, resetted the 2x personal and both of them burnt to +5 in a row, with trinas used on both, which is really dumb. 90% gg. Overall so far 3x of my personals burnt to +5 and the rest 2x to +6 used trina on all of them after +4. Obviously i'm not happy, but the suggestion isn't out of frustration, it would be welcomed to not burn an item to +5 if you are using trina on them and can get only 2 of them every month.
  11. Well more intance won't solve it tho. Unfortunatelly it will stay like this until genie and macro exist. As they can just come to the spot with numbers and eventually ks it, doesn't matter if it's 10 mins or 3 hours since they are not at the pc anyway. Back in the old days w/o genie and macro when ppl actually farmed, there were always empty spots as manually farming 24/7 is just not possible. But as long as you have genie, magichammer, unlimited potions and macro as well as no threat to die (not in CZ, can't be killed). You can own a spot forever which is exactly what happens. As for your topic, it's only a problem with farm. Don't try to lie and say it's hard to exp, aside from EW and DK (which ppl does for farm) every other spot, aoc, etc is free. You can also easily can get in a minion party at eslant which is even better exp than dk. So ye exp is not a problem, farm is and that's because manual farming doesn't exist and ppl just genieing. Cz farming should be way more valuable, ppl can still genie there but atleast they can't leave it there overnight as you can easily raid them. But atm eslant and cz droprate still pretty similar unfortunatelly.
  12. Well on 1 hand it's fine, but on the other hand there should be a notice about it imo that suggest you to go eslant under 75. Given how most of ppl coming here are veterans, knowing the game, knowing CZ = better exp, better drops, but higher risk, therefore gonna try to exp there if possible. And imagine how frustrating it can be, xping there for 1-2 hours, getting raided, dieing, then being like "fuck it" let's go to eslant , even if it's worse xp. Going there and realizes it's WAAAY faster Tbh i would rage kinda hard I myself tried to exp my side chars / helping friends there given how it "should" be faster, while the reality is that it's 3x times slower and were getting raided aswell Not gonna lie i wasn't laughing when figured it out
  13. That part is fine and completely reasonable at this point. But did you read the whole post? If that's the case, shouldn't CZ mobs give gg exp under 75 too? As of right now, under lvl 75 Eslant mobs giving 3x more exp than their cz counterparts, making cz exp utterly useless. But if that's intended then oke, just finding it weird. @Aesteris
  14. Ever since you made hitting 80 easier the exp values are kinda fucked up, eslant vs CZ ones. Instead of CZ ones giving ~20% more, Eslant ones giving waay more. Eslant DK gives roughly 3x more exp than CZ DK on a lvl 74 char. (Non prem, 1x xp flash, having 100% xp event going atm, duoing with a lvl 80 char.) And it's not just DK, tried few mobs: Eslant dk: ~ 1.500.000 exp Eslant AOC: ~ 1.803.000 exp Eslant Crimson Wing: ~ 2.200.000 exp Eslant Falcon: ~3.085.000 exp ---------‐---------------------------------------------- CZ DK: ~500.000 exp CZ AOC: ~600.000 exp CZ: CW: ~725.000 exp CZ FALCON: ~ 988.000 exp It's happening 1-2 weeks ago atleast when it was made easier to hit lvl 75. But didn't have time to check it out properly. Now helping a friend lvling and we checked things out. Ps.: After lvl 75 it will be gutted for sure and might go back to normal, cuz when i previously was exping my side chars at eslant dk, i was getting almost 3.000.000 exp per dk with exp event, exp prem and flashes, but then at lvl 75 it was back to the old values, getting like 350.000 per DK. Will update the values the non prem char getting after hitting lvl 75 too. ------------------------- Edit: Got lvl 75 and ye it seems like everything went back to normal, now getting more exp at cz. Lvl 75 xp gains (non prem, 1x exp flash, 100% exp event, duo with lvl 80 char): Eslant DK: ~ 306.000 exp Eslant AOC: ~ 363.000 CZ DK: ~ 462.000 CZ AOC: ~ 540.000
  15. Agreed. The RNG factor (cp and possibly skill fails) is really annoying. In a vs between equally skilled sins, due to the mentioned RNG factor it is possbile to lose the 1st vs with almost full hp (your cp spike doing 100 dmg, his doing 2500, etc) while actually winning the next one with full hp yourself which is kinda meh. And yep in PVE on higher lvl mobs (utlima, isi, greed, etc) it's like 80% failing, guess it's because of the lvl diff (these monsters are considered lvl 200+ or whatever) kind of annoying aswell. So ye, making sin skills failsafe would be a great move by you guys w/o making any1 mad.
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