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  1. Your "R" and also the attack skill isn't failsafe ---> you will sometimes hit normally (~1000 dmgs, 300 Rs etc.) But sometimes it will "fail" and you will do failed, low 30-70 dmgs. Same things happening with Assassin spike for example, sometimes doing 1500 dmg, then it fails and doing only 50. And yes to answer your question it is perfectly normal.
  2. Please... it' s ridiculius how you can't stop overexaggerating things way too much. It might be abit high, but cmon.... 100% , ye sure.. Make a video on a mage and show it how you stun with every single hit.... It's approx at 10% max. As for what Aesteris said, he meant that you can't stop stunns totally, making them 0% no matter how much res you have. However resistance does help alot to lower the rates, i hardly get stunned on warrior / priest compared to mp kurian / sin which has way lower resists. EDIT: Just went to arena with a light mage before bdw (on priest) , got stunned 1x only after every 10-20th hit, so ye, 100% for sure...
  3. The dmg calculation is the same everywhere, dual wield was and will always be sux, regardless of the class or if it's usko or whatever. Hence why USKO had to implement jamadars in the first place since sins became useless due to being forced to use dual daggers and dealing laughable dmg to iron set + gabs. Dual wield can only do gg dmg in server openings where ppl aint use anti defs (iron sets, shields, etc) or if ppl going fll AP, sas + aos etc. Otherwise anti def punish dual wield harder than 2 handed weaps at usko too --> rendering them useless. As for priests here, the dmg is nowhere near as bad as it's being mentioned here. Can't solo an atros / riot fast enough?.. Cmon, with lycaon hammer maybe, otherwise it's few hit. An int priest in PK with leonar 11 can easily hit over 1000 can even go up to ~2000 on non warriors after torment. So priests could only use a slight AP buff max, (like hitting 200 more overall, adding it as dmg that aint consider def, so they'd hit more on unduffed targets too, like changing helis from 350% + 400 base dmg to 350% + 600 base dmg (or whatever the current numbers are, you get what i mean) but not more than that otherwise it would be OP given the high sustain and tankiness they have. (Out of curiosity what u want btw? Spamming 3k-4k+ on tormented targets? ) Or you can up the ap even more, but then you have to make them more squishy (old BP style) but in that case a new wave of whining will start anyway with BPs complaining how they are dieing instantly. (And Old BP style is just NOT working when ppl have over 4-5-6000 AP characters around, it's just not viable.....)
  4. Or just delete them all. Those shits are too OP.
  5. Obviously a joking toppic but anyway: There is a cooldown on minor long ago, exactly the same as it is on usko. (And btw cooldown on minor only helps macroers, what would help NON macroers is to completely delete the mior cooldown like it was in 2009 and prior to that., just saying)
  6. I'm on phone so don't feel like reacting to everything properly but it's hella ridiculous that whenever some1 complaining about kurians they completely ignore every single downside of it. -STAMINA - hello, Skills comsumes shittons of it. Ppl often talkig about it as if kurians could spamm stuns, pulls , dots etc limitlessly. -Different builds. Again they cannot have devil ts, be tanky, have attack skills, gg def and all that shit at once as ppl often refer to them. They either being attack build (w/o ts but having descent ----> Basicly a warrior with no ability to use shield and a suxy often failing 250% attack skill--> WAAAAY less DPS than warriors, woah so gg, in this case having divide and stun but it's honestly not a big deal especially now with clickable divide, not 100% stun, etc) or they are still attacking but with ts, then either missing descent which is, well... gl pking like that.... or missing pull but in that case it's only the worst ts which falls off fast and only 1080 hp pots... And their attack skills still sux ballz. Or going for DOT mode. Which is well can be funny running around in solo but in real pk it's utterly useless. Devil ranged skills are sux , cannot be stacked ---> 6 kurians dotting you from far ---> you will get 1x dot only in total as they are overwriting eachother. The useful dots are in attack tree---> you gotta skill to attack + devil ----> sux def, no descent, like 8k hp since u gotta be in fll mp stuffs if u wanna deal reasonable dot dmgs. Furthermore the attack tree dots are close ranged skills ---> you gotta get close to the enemy ---> they will attack you, your TS ends in a blink of an eye, and there you go for a total useless char, that is waiting to die, since it's can't even dot w/o TS. As for the 1v2s (won't even mention 1v3s, there is just NO FREAKING WAY ANY KURIAN CAN WIN IT AGAINST 3 WARRIORS, no, just not happening, the kurian's devil TS falls off before you can do anything) please bring any dot kurian and let's try it. 2 warrior attacking a kurian will take off his devil TS fast as fuck (hell, better warriors can even kill them with TS on the dmg is HUGE on kurians w/o defense skills and dot kurians cannot put skill points on def here since all the stackable dot skills are on attack tree, not even the 2k hp pots saving you there for a long time with suxy def and 8-9k hp. ) At the very, very, very max, the kurian is able to take down 1 warrior, but by that time his TS is off, so bb little kurian. Long story shorts imo warriors are way more OP than anything else too. Kurians can be annoying sometimes, mostly if you are soloing, but other than that they are (especially devil kurians) just irrevelant. In any pk that contains more than 2-3 ppl, so much dmg is taken so fast that any Devil kurian's TS will just fall off ans rhe kurian is being rendered useless. The only viable kurians in normal pk are the attacking ones, which can help with divide, stun etc (not that op as most ppl describe) but hell gotta give them something, they have a WAAAAY LESS DMGing skill than warriors, not spammable (you either spamm it way slower than the warrior skills, or combineing 2 skills, 1 of them which uses stamina) no ability to use shield so ye.... w/o stunn and divide they'd suxy, nerfed to the ground warriors. PS.: I honestly don't rly care about all this drama, and the topic has valid points about certain things (Bifrost, etc) so thumbs up for that. I just find it kinda funny how ppl still complaining about kurians while kurians are kinda sux already, especially DOT kurians (in pk), if they are trouble for any1, better uninstall KO.
  7. I would be up to block them all. But just like Henkan said, it's simply NOT impossible. Maybe you can get 5-10 or even 20% of them , but what about the rest? It would just cause an overall population drop, while the "problem" itself would still remain, since any1 with a lil knowledge could find numerous ways to bypass such a detection. As for the "macro problem" i don't rly care. For priests / mages / kurians it's irrevelant. On rogues / warriors (especially on rogues) it helps, mainly in vs, but most ppl still sux as hell even with macro, furthermore you can get to the macro lvl fairly easily w/o macro too. And in pk, as Manhattan said good coordination, timing, overall vision worth way more than macro. I can't even count the retarded macro rogues running into poitless situation and dieing miserably deaths / chasing ppl out of the map while their party dies so ye...
  8. david4244

    Chaos event reward

    Mad cuz bad bruh? Seriously tho, ye the rewarding is weird sometimes so could be looked at.
  9. Nope, they don't have curses.
  10. It would be horrible. As mentioned above, buying a couple of chars with high no, then combine them --> hello 20m NP chars. Would scare new ppl as well as making current top NPholders mad. So it's totally unnecessary and bad imo.
  11. It's rather a bug report than a suggestion, and also wanted to make a video about it for any1 who don't believe it but got totally no time atm so will just write it down. Kinda long ago (guess approx since juraid deva last hit determining the winner was changed to more dealt dmg [i know it was reverted back to last hit already long ago too], drain in pve was changed aswell and now it doesn't count (or only like 15-20% of the drain's dmg counts max) as dmg input for taking the loot. Which i have no idea why had to be changed, since it was smth working the same way ever since KO was released, furthermore Sin's dps is hella sux w/o the drains as most of their skills is not failsafe, as well as no additional dmg (spike, thrust, etc) ---> hello 50 spike dmgs on felankor etc. Pretty sure many ppl didn't even notice it was changed but feel free to test it yourself. Once again: -Normally drains counted as much as physical dmgs (A boss having 1m HP --> you drain it with 10% drain --> it counted as 100.000 actual dmg) and helped tremendously for the sin's party to take the loot of the boss. -But few months ago it was changed and atm if you drain the very same 1m HP mob, even tho it still dmg it 100.000, but as far as the fight for the loot goes, it will only worth ~0----> 20.000 dmg max. -Conclusion: In the past (since the ancient KO times) if 3-4 Sin teamed up and timed their drain fine, they could steal bigger mob's drops. But now drain dmgs hardly counts in the fight for the drop, making sins almost irrevelent in most important PVE fights. Causing them to mostly lose etharoth / atros / other not 1-2 hit boss's drops against other classes as well as making boss (felankor, ultima, etc) fights less thrilling, since w/o drains making a diff, smaller parties have no chance of getting the drop, only the 8men fll warrior , archer , other parties taking every drop as it can be seen everyday. PS.: I could somewhat understand reducing drain's effect in loot fights for big bosses (Felankor, ultima) to avoid fll side sin drain ks parties (still wouldn't agree with it but could somehow live with it. But even then, not reducing it to such extent as it is currently, which is almost useless). But they should calculate with 100%'s of drain's dmg against smaller mobs like etharoth etc for sure. Sry for the typos, wrote it from phone.
  12. I killed him in sin vs pretty much everytime we met so far i remember (it was a hard fight tho), so doubt he has any tbl or whatever u claim him to have, he is just good imo. As for the topic, vsed and pked with Thecanbutthe, doubt he'd cheat in any way from what i've seen from him so far. And such a report would be better with a video tbh, can easily be just the mage getting there somehow and tping the party or whatever. Just my 2 cents, don't personally know any1 on those pics.
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