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  1. I'm looking for people to hang around with in apexko, i just downloaded it so its a fresh account nothing other than starter items currently. I would like to play either warrior or archer i believe. Archer - I'm brand new to archer, I don't know what I'm doing and will have to learn the correct way to play it. But I would rather play this class if possible. Warrior - I've played warrior many times but I've always been attack warrior not passion, so if I need to be passion itll take me a little bit to get used to. I have more experience on warrior than I do archer. I have a headset can listen to in voice chat etc, I can also play a reasonable amount of time. I only speak english. If anyone is looking for a nub to play with shoot me a private message and we can talk! thanks for reading.
  2. Favourite class: Mage USKO/MYKO/PSKO Experience: Usko played off and on since olympia came out, i've played Xigenon, carnac west, europa, then after merge athena, anatolia, and gordion after 2nd merge. Your age: 24 Time youre likely to play(CET): I'm too lazy to look up what CET means, but i can pretty much play whenever, the more people to partyw ith the more often ill be online, id say minimum 4 hours a day if theres stuff to do. English skills: I'm american, so low A fun fact about you: I have a spiderman and wolverine tattoo Got mic? yes. Question about clan : Are you all buying prem? some of you? none of you? lemme know.
  3. Application : - In-game name : I don't know yet, i like to pick different names xD - Class : Mage > warrior / Rogue > Priest thats my preferred order. But i can play whatever the clan needs - Country : USA - Got skype : I can download it, i have like every other voice program vent ts, curse etc - Got mic : yes, and a headset so no echos - How long have you been playing KO : since olympia came out - Activity : From x to x hours a day probably about 4-5 hours give or take
  4. I think this is a dumb idea, people already switching back and forth between nations in beta as is, wont b as much of an issue in official, but if someone wants to level 4 classes make them level 4 classes. All this shit to make the game easier for babas is garbage.
  5. If you wanna play wow go play wow, if you wanna play ko go play ko. I'll never understand why everyone want all their games to be exactly the same.
  6. The whole reason i was hyped to play beta is because there's no other server out there right now to play. I made a mage, now that everyone has easier access to +9s and they gave mages no damage rings being a mage in beta blows, and im not gonna make another char. If i wanted ot play a pk server theres tons of them. I wanted ko like when i first played, having tow ork for stuff. When official comes out it'll be different so if i havent found another game by then i might try it. But this +8 thing has turned me off of playing beta at all.
  7. That's a dumb way of thinking, if im spending 50$ a month on internet ALREADY why would i want to spend 15 dollars extra just to get some extra exp in a game? Just because you have a point of view doesn;t mean you should trash everyone with a different point of view. jesus christ you sound like healsmash
  8. Honestly what's ruining it for me ( atleast the beta) is that is pent 3 hours upgrading today and now the guy gives +8s lol. Yeah I'm a little salty, I'm gonna sit in my corner and cry.
  9. With trina upgrading is 100% to +5. With trinas being free in beta theres no real reason to make this change when you can grab 5 pieces and make them all +5 100% just like the gear it already gives out.
  10. It'd be really cool to have some form of this added into the game, even if it wasn't 1 kill in party = 1 point. Maybe something like, every 5 kills you are apart of is 1 apex point? if the 1:1 ratio seems too high.
  11. That is very true, but just the thought of people running around in krowaz with their +9 weapons in beta makes me want to stay out of cz xD
  12. ew keep that shit outta here in beta, and in officials for a while!
  13. Agree completly witht his statement, 15 dd is the best one to have in the game, has to be upgraded just like every other item rather than getting a 25 dd or sword or axe etc. and 15 dd isnt overpowered. people used it in cwest when it was +7/8 and it was good to have but didnt ruin the game. The +25/35 would ruin it.
  14. Completely agree with everything said. There's already genie in the game which is cancer, keep all that extra stuff out of here. Having half the population having ibex etc because they choose to buy them would just cause me to not want ot play, what happens when allt he free to play, or players whos pend a couple dollars a month leave the server? The people whos pend dozens/ hundreds get bored of having to pvp against the same people every day, then what happens? they find a new server also. Cause and effect
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