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  1. NakedRussian

    Selling and Buying list

    buying warr armor
  2. NakedRussian

    [Solar Tattoo]

    21 gb \ 500 kc is a good suggestion .. it doesnt help to reduce the amount of gbs in the server atm because most people just dont buy it because its expensive if it will be cheaper then i believe most of people in the server will buy it
  3. NakedRussian

    Selling and Buying list

  4. NakedRussian

    R attack with staff deals no damage

    Blink works fine now but R attack with staff is dealing no dmg and its same for chaos event
  5. NakedRussian

    Blink & game crash

    blink keep failing .. also it casts the novas too fast sometime so it fails aswell ( after 1 skill was casting too fast most of the time all the skills fail for few seconds)
  6. NakedRussian

    Selling and Buying list

  7. NakedRussian

    Blink & game crash

    game crash seems to be fixed
  8. NakedRussian

    Blink & game crash

    Since last patch most of the time u try log ingame it just crashes it happens also when u move to moradon \ cz also blink is worse than upgrade in anvil u never know if its gonna work it must get fixed casting the skills too fast causes all skills fail and it takes few secs untill u can use any skill without failing
  9. NakedRussian

    Selling and Buying list

  10. NakedRussian

    Teleport 'bounce-back' bug

  11. NakedRussian

    Selling and Buying list

    added mage items
  12. NakedRussian

    Few selected items to 14 REB (Fair options)

    open elixir to +30 reb
  13. NakedRussian

    TS & Stun & Slow

    this is the game we play..TS is available on all server and i dont see any good reason to delete it just because warrior and rogue dont benefit from it Ice\Stun rate a little bit high also stun rate different in arena than in cz because in arena i tested with tuke and he got stun x4 out of 82 .. im sure in cz he would get stunned much more often Also as Chayni says need to fix Blink and Instantly Magic bugs and the fast casting u cant use any skill
  14. NakedRussian

    Selling and Buying list

  15. NakedRussian

    About CSW / King, Tax Rate % Money.

    nothing bad will happen if cz is closed for 1 hour a week u dont have to sit in moradon u can join clan \ make ur own clan and try take the castle to open cz so ppl can farm riote and atross in bowl is a bad suggestion and will kill the CSW event idk why people cry so much about 14 rebelion players who win the csw when there are over than 8 parties going to csw and probably can take the crystal aswell if playing smart also you can go there just for PK as the csw reward sux anyway in this server