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  1. yougotpwndbymyass has some of the best people around. They're helpful and courteous, and if you ask nicely chris will personally farm bus for you. definitely PM HIM
  2. Hell nah, just wanted the attention for my ego.
  3. don't let brook bitching on Apex forums make you forget the fact that italy didn't make the world cup. Ok bye
  4. Sirbangalot

    Hi Brook

    Brook, I pray to God your village cafe burns down.
  5. Sirbangalot

    Hi Brook

    Don't know how to contact you anymore but just wanted to congratulate you on the World Cup. Someone will eventually get your attention!
  6. I genuinely don't know what any of it is worth lol.
  7. S> ETS 11 Sash of sorrows +3 Amulet of Str +3 SSA Dex Pendant Iron Belt +1 BLOWOUT SALE MUST GO Will sell all for 10.5k KC
  8. Allanoon please pm me! And Bergunhoe maybe text me np.
  9. As title says! Offer please. SOLD. THANKS FOR THE BUMPS GUYS, Will miss ya'll
  10. as title states. Pm me on forums or ingame ( i'm rarely on)
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